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  1. Name: Trial of the SeekerLevel: 35+Type: Solo, One Time, Class TransferStart NPC: Master DufnerStart Location: Town of Giran / Giran TerritoryClass: Rogue, Elven Scout, AssassinRace: Rogue [Human], Elven Scout [Elf], Assassin [Dark Elf]Tips: SoE, Potions, and Adena for teleports. Here you will want to use any Special Town Scrolls of Escape to shorten the time and save adenaReward: Mark of Seeker 1. Quest starts at Warrior's Guild in Giran with NPC Master Dufner 2. Master Dufner will send you to help Master Terry in Dion Warrior's Guild. 3. Master Terry Will ask you to kill Neer Ghoul Berserker in Dion Execution Grounds 4. Once you obtain Mysterious Spirit Ore return to Master Terry in Dion Warrior's Guild. 5. Terry will ask you to kill 4 different mobs to investigate strange mutations. Ol Mahum Captain, Turek Orc Warlord, Ant Captain and Turak Bugbear Warrior. Ol Mahum Captain - Fortress of Resistance Turek Orc Prefect - Orc Barracks Ant Captain - Ant's Nest Turak Bugbear Warrior - Gorgon Flower Garden 6. When you have all 4 quest items, return to Master Terry in Dion. 7. Master Terry will send you to Hunter's Village to visit Weapon Merchant Viktor at Weapon's and Armor Shop He will ask you the name of the Hawkeye that sent you, the answer is Altebar Kerrios. After this he will tells you his services are not free, you tell him you have the money to pay him. He will mock you and ask a favour. 8. Wepon Merchant Viktor will send you to kill Medusa, and collect 10 Medusa scales . 9. Return to Weapon Merchant Viktor, and he will send you to visit Magister Marina in Ivory Tower. 10. You will find Marina on the 2nd floor of Ivory Tower in Human Mystic Guild 11. Magister Marina will ask you to deliver a letter and pick up an item from Blacksmith Brunon. 12. Return to Magister Marina in Ivory tower. She will send you back to Master Terry in Dion Warrior's Guild. 13. Return to Master Terry and he will give you your next task. 14. Master Terry will ask you to retrieve Dark Bezoars from these monsters: Ant Warrior Captain - Ant's Nest Marsh Stakato Drone - Cruma Marshlands Leto Lizardman Warrior - Plains of the Lizardman Breka Orc Overlord - Breka Orc Stronghold 15. Return to Master Terry in Dion, and he will give you Terry's Report. 16. To finish the quest take Terry's Report to Master Dufner in Giran Warrior's Guild and he will reward you with Mark of Seeker Video:
  2. I am talking about 20th level characters and it is not only 100 adena it is 70% chance of drop 300-400 adena + 70% drop of the quest item that will reward you additional 100-120 adena. I agree on the raid bosses thing, but you have to have additional people to be able to do it and that money guide does not belong in quests. Anyway thanks for the tips, I will fix the 100 badges thing at once.
  3. Name: Vanquish RemnantsLevel: 21-30Type: RepeatableStart NPC: LeopoldStart Location: Village of Gludin / Gludio TerritoryClass: AnyRace: AnyTips: Adena x10 reward very high (solo quest)Reward: Red Cross Badge 100 adena each Blue Cross Badge 100 adena each Black Cross Badge 120 adena each NOTE: NPC will inform you that you need to collect 100 badges to activate the quest Hunt of the Black Lion, but it is not required on this server. 1. Quest starts in Gludin Village close to the grocery shop with NPC Leopold. 2. Quest will take you to Abandoned Camp to hunt following mobs: For Red Cross Badge hunt Ol Mahum Guard, Ol Mahum Patrol and Ol Mahum Recruit For Blue Cross Badge hunt Ol Mahum Straggler, Ol Mahum Officer, Ol Mahum Supplier, Ol Mahum Shooter For Black Cross Badge hunt Ol Mahum General, Ol Mahum Commander 3. All collected badges you can return to Leopold in Gludin and he will reward you with adena and will ask you if you would like to continue or end this quest. This is one of the best adena quests for lvl 21-30. Abandoned camp is not the only hunting location for this. There is an area close to south entrance to the Wasteland in Gludio/Gludin territory called Ol Mahum Checkpoint where you can hunt Ol Mahum Officer and Ol Mahum Shooter. This location is best for leveling spoilers 21-30 lvl and in combination with the quest Sense for Business. NOTE: There are more Ol Mahum types. Some of them are a part of a quest Hunt of the Black Lion (Ol Mahum Sergeant, Ol Mahum Commander), but there are a couple more that shouldn't be a part of the quest Vanquish Remnants like Ol Mahum Novice, Ol Mahum Support Troop and maybe more. If anyone is interested testing if these mobs give Marks as quest items, please post in reply and I will update the quest and personally reward you with some COL. Video link:
  4. Name: Sense for BusinessLevel: 21+Type: RepeatableStart NPC: SarienStart Location: Wasteland / Gludio TerritoryClass: AnyRace: AnyTips: Adena x10 reward very high (solo quest)Reward: Monster Eye's Meat 20 adena each Basilisk's Gizzard 20 adena each Monster Eye's Lens 100 adena each 1. Quest start when you teleport form Gludio/Gludin gatekeeper to Southern Entrance to Wasteland. NPC to talk to is Grocer Sarien. 2. Sarien will ask you to hunt: Monster Eye Watcher, Monster Eye Destroyer, Lesser Basilisk and Basilisk 3. Return to Sarien tocollect reward. This is not one of the best quest you will want to focus on. Although quest multiplier is high, base adena reward is really low. Benefits this quest gives are a high rate of drop for D grade jewlery and it can be done "on the way" while trying to spoil SSD recipe from Basilisk. Monster Eye Watchman and Monster Eye Destroyer are good farming mobs for high m.deff characters since their m.atk is very low, so it is good for leveling low dps tanks, buffers and support characters. NOTE: This quest is best doing in a combination with the quest Vanquish Remnants where you can hunt Monster Eye Watcher, Ol Mahum Commander and Ol Mahum Shooter at the Ol Mahum Checkpoint location And do not by any means use blunt weapon on the Rogue after level 25 Video link:
  5. Name: Blood FiendLevel: 21-26Type: One-TimeStart NPC: CreameesStart Location: Elven VillageClass: AnyRace: AnyTips: Adena x2 good starter boost (solo quest)Reward: 24000 1. Quest starts at Elven Village Grocery Shop. Talk to grocer Creamees to get the quest. 2. Go to Elven Fortress, find quest monster Kirunak and retrieve Kirunak's Skull. You can use gatekeeper to travel directly to Elven Fortress. To do the quest faster, avoid fighting any of the non-agro mobs. You can see the quickest path in the video. NOTE: Other than agro mobs you will have to kill, at the location you will find x2 quest monsters Kirunak, and x2 Kirunak's Escort, if you have, use crowd control and stock up on potions and shots before you venture, especially if you plan on doing the the quest on 21st lvl. 3. Return to grocer Creamees with the Kirunak's Skull, and recieve 24000 adena. This quest is recommended for first time players. It's easy and fast to do solo and provides a small adena boost for start. Video link:
  6. Name: Arrow of VengeanceLevel: 32-39Type: RepeatableStart NPC: BeltonStart Location: Town of Giran / Giran TerritoryClass: AnyRace: AnyTips: Adena x10 reward very high (solo/duo quest)Reward: Harpy's Feather: 60 adena each Medusa's Venom: 70 adena each Wyrm's Tooth: 90 adena each 1. Quest starts by speaking to Giran Town guard Belton 2. Head to Gorgon's flower garden and hunt Harpies, Medusas and Wyrms 3. Return any of the items Harpy's Feather Medusa's Venom and Wyrm's Tooth to the Guard Belton and he will reward you with adena. This is a very good adena quest being it's reward has x10 multiplier. Also the monsters you hunt drop EAD. In this area quest monsters and other monsters are spawned with high density so the XP reward is also high. Some of the monsters that spawn close like Turak Bugbear and Turak Bugbear warrior also drop EWD and EAD. This quest is recommended for all classes farming to reach 2nd class change. Video link:
  7. Name: Curiosity of a Dwarf Level: 33-38 Type: Repeatable Start NPC: Rolento Start Location: Wasteland / Gludio Territory Class: Any Race: Any Tips: Adena x2 reward low (solo quest) Reward: Golem's Stonehearth: 80 adena each Broken Stonehearth: 10 adena each NOTE: For delivering 700 quest items at once you will get additional 1400 adena 1. To get the quest talk to Grocer Rolento 2. Go to Wasteland and farm Granite Golem and Puncher for Golem's Stonehearth and Broken Stonehearth 3. Return to Rolento to recieve reward, and you will be given a choice to continue or quit the quest. This is a pretty broken quest, basically it's reward is very low, and it favors blunt weapon characters. High hp and defense golems are not a fast farm. Biggest issue is the x2 adena reward comparing to x1 wiki. Avoid this quest unless it's reward is increased. Video link: