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  1. xDraco

    Novo jogador

    Tem bastante BR sim. O servidor é bem cheio. Manda ver!
  2. xDraco

    Drop for mobs

    Calm down, dude. It's just a post. U don't need to get rage for so little thing. And no, I won't leave the server. It was a suggestion, if u don't agree with it, just vote no and go back to ur game ^^
  3. xDraco

    Drop for mobs

    Is a good point for a high lvl player
  4. xDraco

    Drop for mobs

    Almost every clan on server ir made by many cps, and I'm already in a non cp clan including, we use discord everyday. But my experience isn't the focus here. I'm speaking for many players that doesn't want or can't play in CPs and can't keep lvling alone after 78. Btw, the game shouldn't be based in cps. Randoms should be able to play as cp players do. I'm not complainning for myself, but for what I really think that can improve the fun on game as I said above. In classic club u can't go to high lvl hutting areas if u are not part of a cp. Club is a pretty crowded server. Ppl should be able to logging, open a room and find mates to go to a high lvl area without the risk to loose a gear that he waste 2 moths to buy. It's going to improve the interaction between players, clan, and gonna give more options for the ones that dont have all supports needed to farm in his clan or friendlist. I bet it's going to bring more players to server.
  5. xDraco

    Drop for mobs

    As I am not a native english speaker the text won't be that correct. I hope u could understand although. Guys, I wanna bring this to a discussion cause I really guess it could improve the fun on server. I've been thinking about to end the drop itens when u get killed by mobs. As everyone here knows, Lineage 2 is a group playnning game based as all RPGs would be, and to help on this (and to afford the server) we are not able to logging more than 1 account per ip if u don't pay premium account. U can't do almost anything if u don't have the propers supports in ur party. With those condition, the game has turned into a constant part game based and almost every clans now are made by cps. Not everyone has enough free time to be part of a CP cause it requires some commitment with ur friends that play with u everyday. Some ppl has their work, family, college, date ... many things out of game, and those ppl, like me, play with no certain frequency and have fun this way. However, if u are a support player, or when u get high lvl being a random player u don't have many options to play cause most part of huntting areas requires u be in a party. For this problem, there is the party matching, but, if u use to play alone or in a non cp clan, u know that make a party to move to Giant's Cave isn't a easy work because most part of ppl don't wanna risk their good gears in a party with strangers. If u drop ur TOI VI, for exemple, u propably won't get it back. I think if it could be change, the mobs stops to drop itens from players, the game is going to be more embracing with random players and is going to help to drive the server and diversify it aswell.
  6. Main OL LF CLAN. I'm lv 77. -> I can't join CP due insufficient free time -> I just can logging at weekends and holidays -> Looking for clan to help on Sieges/PvPs -> As a support I'll need help to lvl it -> I'll equip it by myself. Won't need clan help for it, just for exp
  7. Using some random dyes just to hunt.
  8. Both are good, depends on what are u intend to do, mate. I got both. If I'm going to soloing, I'd rather to use light set, if I got a ABG paty use robe set however. I've been taking a look on internet about what dyes should I do ...
  9. xDraco

    Can't log

    Someone told me that was cause I put the wrong password or login for many times. It's already solved now! Ty, Koll!
  10. Clan Lv3 recruta BRs ativos e possíveis integrantes da nossa CP. Quem tiver interesse mandar pm/mail para Nicolly, ShakadeVirgem, xDraco ou Verrino. A CP está precisando de: -Bladedancer -Swordsinger -Spellsinger/Spellhowller - Tanker
  11. xDraco

    Can't log

    My client was all good, but I tried to change to another account, and when I clicked in Login it freezed the channel and the client closed. It happend to me when I created a new account a few days ago, however, as I wasn't using it i didn't care about and just didn't use it. Today I've tried to login a friend's account and the client closed again when it was logging. After that I couldn't login with any account anymore. So I oppened the launcher to try to fix it, worked, however I tried to login my friend's account again and it crashed again. Does anyone could help me, please?
  12. It would be pretty impossible to play with it ? It's not been easy so far. Hope it gets easier before 56 (just more 34% for it HAHAHAHAH). If u all gets any others insights about OL just leave here a comment, I'm gonna appreciate that! ty u, guys.
  13. No way. They never need a OL on their parties
  14. Ty for ur colaboration, mate. I've just bought a Deadman's Glory axe, planning to put an othell rune on it.
  15. Good to know. I'm 54 and have been killing boss for a while cause there aren't AoE parties that invites OLs, when bosses are down I have nothing to do although. Was wondering what should I do to get a little damage for can I keep soloing these times I'm not killing bosses. By soloing I can make some money also, so it's pretty important for now. Btw, does anyone knows from which lvl they begins to invite us to AoE? HAHAHAHAHAHA I wanna make it clear that I'm really loving to play with this class and I'm sure it's gonna be a good investment for late game Ty guys!