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  1. awoker

    Heavy Doom Set 19kk

    + a lot of different resources!!!
  2. awoker

    Heavy Doom Set 19kk

    WTS Heavy Doom all set parts 19kk Email AwokeR
  3. Hi FullPlate Armor+3 FullPlate Helmet+3 FullPlate Shield+1 exchange for Speellbook: (Summon Phantom Cubic and Lightning Strike) a name in game: AwokeR , feelthelife, 2105. PM or Email.
  4. Hi! Thee l2 base indicates that the Spellbook Aegis drops out with from the monster Oel Mahum Warrior. Me drops out with out another book Spellbook Summon Nightshade What should I do now? And where to knock book it down? I need to Aegis. p.s Samurai Long Sword blade falls. As indicated in the Base. ( And The Hex Spellbook was stated correct!
  5. ok i am 52 lvl 53 + 47 (5 days Game)
  6. Hey. I want a sociable clan. I really want to learn English. I promise a lot online every day. I want to listen a lot in English. The game experience is 11 years. Many clans use for text only. Only communication with the voice! PM (mail) AwokeR or feelthelife. I am 25 years old. Shilen Knight 55 lvl Warsmith 50 lvl Sorry my English is bad... discord: AwokeR (Влад) # 6170