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    Problem with loging

    @redbolt I'm starting to have this exact same issue. Trakoi's suggestion didn't help. I have turned firewall on/off several times, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Each time it's something different 😧 Have downloaded/deleted system/SysTextures a bunch of times. My login info is correct and it tries to log in, then freezes after 2 seconds and the game automatically closes out. There is no error report.
  3. LunaL

    Looking for a clan! Aim to be a BISHOP

    @Yomana Thank you for the clarification! I re-read the thread and realized that you were completely right 😧 Oh my gosh I'm silly!
  4. Hello! I just started on this server yesterday and am a level 30-something elven mystic. > Given how I do not know how active the server was going to be when I started, I created a class with a lot of solo-ing ability, but it's getting a bit dry at the moment. My ultimate goal is to get to the 70s then class change to a bishop. I am very active and willing to join a clan with sociable people! Down for any focus, but would be open to some PvP Please reach out! In game name is LunaLovegod (not good, god!) Thanks!