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  1. A EU player (Wiz) lf clan to join
  2. Blueriver


    why not isn't the Pet manger part of old lineage 2? before they made it pay to win
  3. Blueriver


    hi there just like to ask when Pets manger coming into the game plus really fun part of L2 ?
  4. Blueriver


    wasn't Pet manger in 2.0?
  5. Blueriver


    w kamael update (even'o its pay to win crap) coming out on Live server on the main L2 the game needs more and like I say Inndril/area should be part of Aden tora
  6. Blueriver


    Game needs more The Pet manger w all the pets would kwl plus being able to rise a stider is something you cant do even in the Live server on main L2
  7. Blueriver


    Naa Inndirl castle is part of Aden area plus would be great to see Classic Inndirl area
  8. Blueriver


    When is Pet manger and with all the pets coming in game plus Classic L2 w no Stider to lvl up and grow come on ?:)
  9. Blueriver


    When is Zaken content coming on the live server? plus what about Inndril castle/area because is that part of Aden torr plus would be nice to fight over castle
  10. I see 2.0live well be update soon w Zaken OTB content kwl plus I like x3 I think that a good blance
  11. so 2.0Zaken OTB well be main server now? not the 2.0
  12. plus where just update 2.0 why make a 2.0Zaken Clint?
  13. I log into a char I created and I cant atk or even use a skill to kill the mob ? weird Its at the start of the game
  14. heloo Where is drivel Island and Zak the boss?