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  1. Target PyromaniaK at Giran Harbor, I'm looking to really sell that, so it's damn cheap. P.S: 50% enchant rate at Mage weapons. Keep that in mind ?. Have a good day!
  2. ENG: Hello, I'm still a Palus Knight lvl 29 looking for a Clan with parties to farm with and enjoy. I'll be Blade Dancer, would love to enter on a clan, preferably ESP ( Spanish ) one, if not, all would be appreciatted, PM or mail "Vyz", thanks in advance! ESP: Hola!, Soy lvl 29 Palus Knight todavía, estoy buscando un clan con quien hacer parties, levear y disfrutar de esta maravilla de juego. Seré Blade Dancer y me encantaría entrar en un clan preferiblemente hispano, si no, todo me va genial mientras sea con gente ^^. PM o mail a "Vyz", muchísimas gracias de antemano.