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  1. Yep, you are right about solo buffer is not that easy, but as soon as i find a decent active clan for myself its gonna be easier to be in a party as a team member. Still thinking about a tank or dps like tyrant.
  2. I dont have any ingame friends yet, gonna make them ingame i quess. So there is always need of a warcryer, good to know.
  3. Hi all! I didnt play for years, just wanna play again on classic witgout boxes, just to be part of sieges and clan fights, raids and other fun. Im used to play as WC, i like that char. Is it needed class in a raid parties or should i look for other class?
  4. Keresek magyar társaságot vagy magányosokat, ha játszol néha ide írd le az ingame neved és meglátjuk, hátha össze tudunk hozni valamit.