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  1. lafi, thanks for the replyBut you can't donate a credit card.Until last month, it was possible to pay by smartphone, so we did that.Credit cards were originally unusable.But this time, it seems that smartphone payments are no longer possible, so I am very in trouble.Other Japanese players have said the same.Not just me.Or if you can only use credit cards from major banks, Japanese credit cards are a different story.
  2. I want to donate, but my credit card is rejected.Donation from Japan.There are about 20 Japanese players, and donations cannot be made equally.More than half of them want to donate, but they haven't.By the way, I have three cards・ Rakuten visa carda (The largest web sales site in Japan. Domestic sales are about $ 10 billion.)・ Aoyama Master Card (A suit retailer. No.1 in domestic sales. Domestic sales are about $ 1 billion.)・ Au wallet card (One of the three major mobile carriers in Japan. Sales are about $ 10 billion)In particular, this does not mean that the three cards can no longer be used.What is the cause?Is the classic club itself not accepting donations from Japan?If so, make sure you can use a Japanese credit card.
  3. Koll,hello. Where can I get a ticket? I have a little lucky coin. I can also charge to a certain extent.
  4. How to change clan leader. Clan leader does not log in to game for more than 3 months. I can't get in touch with him. Can you change the clan leader somehow?