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  1. Sorry, it's been many years since I played the game, I remember there was an option for Enter Chat so that you could use WASD and also bind other letters, but I can't find it. When I type anything, it goes straight to chat... Thanks! UPDATE: Apparently I'm blind... it was under Shortcut tab... lol...
  2. @Torrente, nothing of high importance, but is it possible to have the default intro screen when opening the game with your patch? Before the patch screen: After patch video animation final frame:
  3. Hello! I installed the patch today, but when I run "l2.exe" I'm getting the splash graphic and the game does not open. I then run the updater to restore the files, and I realised that the client will launch if I do not copy the "Localization" file under "System" folder, although the client launches and is in Russian language, I still cannot see the mobs level and if they are aggressive or not... I tried with a lvl1 dwarf. Is there a possibility to have a working version of that patch for the English language? Thanks!