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  1. Sounds good. I'll hit ya'll up if I need any info.
  2. Hi guys, So in response to community awareness just thought I'd throw this out there. If there are any NA prime players out there who are looking for a home. Please pm me for more info. If we get enough responses we'll make one. I'm new to the game but there are a few experienced individuals who are wanting to help in this endeavor.
  3. If there are any NA players or peeps who prefer NA prime be sure to send me mail or msg me. My toon is the same as forum name. We'll see what we can get going.
  4. Moon Knight quest is the name of this one. The mobs you need to kill at this leg is Ol Muharm Thieves or something like that. This picture is showing that those quest mobs are non-existent. Their spawn is broke there by breaking the quest.
  5. Was rolling up on another toon than been sitting for 20mins lookin at this. They are in hiding I know it lol.
  6. Hi guys, I'm new here. Looking for an American clan preferable for timezone sakes. I currently have a 32 dest/29 sham. Been here like 2 days maybe. Anyhow or an active english speaking clan. I put in 12+ hrs here a day at the moment. 3/4's of the clans I pmed in game weren't even online...also there should be more filters to help narrow down clan searches like a a timezone selection window to help narrow those things down. Look forward to hearing from you guys. You can pm me in game. I also use TS/discord/vent....so if you are a clan that doesn't believe in voice communication than we have nothing to discuss. Thanks guys.