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  1. Hey, I've just started playing on L2Classic today - since the fee for the first month is just 2EUR I figured it's worth a try. However I'm a bit discouraged by the population right now. Giran is empty and I expected a bit more people/shops in Aden. What's the usual population? Also what's the deal with the crazy amount of fishers in Giran Harbor? I know bots are rare here, so are they just scripters? And what makes fishing so valuable? There were literally dozens of them just in that spot. I'm asking because I need to know if it's worth investing the time in this server. I really like fresh starts on servers that actually work properly and this one seems to tick all the right boxes but I'm not sure if the population is healthy enough to sustain proper gameplay. I'm just not willing to solo my way to level 70 or something, although I've heard that soloing after 40 is seriously hard. Thanks for the insights. jiofi.local.html router network