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  1. Baggins


    Thanks for all the info peps, hope to see you all in game soon enough.
  2. Baggins


    Thanks for the info, can u gimme some advices about gear and dyes? general setup about th.
  3. Baggins


    Hello. Just wanted to ask for daggers in general, i want to play TH but i don't know if they work same as they was in GF/H5 i have heard this classic thing is a mix between all chronicles. They are still fun to play? Decent to solo with a SE/PP? how they are in pvp right now? all i have seem from youtube is daggers onestabing people but i guess those daggers have top gear so i dont want to fool myself. Are they a decent choice? Btw im not going hardcore at least for the first couple of months just want to have some fun and daggers used to be a fun class.