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  1. I tested on the game client that is now.
  2. I noticed that the game works through Wine, respectively on Linux / MacOS. Therefore, there is a proposal for this kind of button on the site.
  3. From this archive you need the FakeHDR.fx file I have never done it on Windows, but there are guides, for example.
  4. I say right away that I did it on ArchLinux via Wine + DXVK, I did not check it on Windows, but I suppose it can be done. I will use vkBasalt + FakeHDR. vkBasalt is this open-source project that provides contrast adaptive sharpening for any Vulkan game with its implementation being a Vulkan post-processing layer. This Vulkan layer is based upon AMD's open-source Contrast Adaptive Sharpening FidelityFX code. FakeHDR is just a library from reshade. For Linux, you can get it from here. On Arch Linux it can be installed simply from the AUR. Windows users can try the library from here for reshade. FakeHDR can be taken from the reshade-master archive. Also available for Windows. As a result, we get more pleasant colors and a sharper picture, the soap effect disappears. Especially noticeable on the cart in the left corner of the screen. Before: After: P.S. Request to move the topic to tutorials