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  1. I would not say that there are "tons of boxes", cause having a box in this game costs 10e so that means tons of euros to own those boxes. There are boxes but they mostly sit in towns acting as shops.
  2. Yeah im not gonna do that. Btw, how u get cloacks in this game? I saw some people using them, also mounts. Also will my dark elf assassin class gonna get some "stealth" skill forward on?
  3. I don't even know what "train" is. Im new to Lineage and im not familiar with those terms. Anyway, doing rb seems just fine for xp to me, i got 5 lvl on my last boss. I can see that getting adena gonna go lot harder though.
  4. I will do this as soon as i find out how does fishing works in this game.
  5. Low and mid lvl zones are empty, endgame tons of players.
  6. Thanks, i will look for this quest as soon as i get 25.
  7. My character name is " Saalle" , ty. I guess i will just be using bow then till i get more skills and stuff When does these bosses spawn? Right now im on location near Gludio where says that some boss "Inkutai" is alive but he's not here at all. Im literally on same spot that boss is on the map and i cant see him.
  8. This sort of games are always Pay To Win but as long as those weapons are not bought with $, im fine with it. They earned it.
  9. Im lvl 23 Dark Elf assassin and dunno how to lvl fast. The guy i met yesterday somehow lvl supper fast wile i take 0.50% xp per mob in abandon camp. Besides that, i need to drink hp and mana pots after each kill cause my dagger skill miss most of the time. Im pretty much new to Lineage 2 and would really like to hear any tips how to get out of this situation. As it stands right now, seems to me that im gonna run out of adena soon by buying pots and then wont even be able to lvl at all. Any sort of tip would help, i really like the game and server too i think but dunno what to do. Are there any quests that give lots of xp,gear or something?
  10. I cant make character, servers says its all heavy and when i click on any of them, nothing happens... How do you even start on this server? Nwm, it works now. Another question though, is this server too much Pay to Win and does it have decant size community?