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  1. Hi community!! We are a CP of friends who play in EU prime, and now we are looking for a new member! Our loggin hours are from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. GTM +1 / GTM +2 Or more if your schedule allows We are looking for professions, preferably: SWS / OL / WC / NECRO Levels: +78 Clan: RavenSoul and Defcon1 In our CP we are a group of friends from different countries, so the communication language is in English. A new member is required with understandable English, and availability for discord and teamspeak. Our daily activities are based on lvl up / generate adena / and pvp whenever the logging allows it. For more information contact me via Discord: Draven#5490 If you have another class, other than the one mentioned but has high level, ask us! Thanks for your attention. Greetings, and see you inside!