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  1. You gave a different answer to the point I was talking about. Many ppl are taking a break from the game or waiting for a new server, so the number of ppl logging in to the F.I. server has drastically decreased. For those who remain, now I am talking about improving the Antharas raid so that it can be caught in a short time like other epic raids. (Currently, other Epic Raids are caught in 20-40 minutes) Nowdays, nobody did not try antharas farming because of lost merit. Everytime. anthars is alive in map. For it solve, it need a easy farming. Think it more
  2. With the news of the opening of the new Dion server, a significant number of people are taking a break from FI server. However, there are still many people playing games on this server. As a result, an Epic Raid related is occurring. Antharas farming is not easy..... Is it really appropriate for 200 people to participate and challenge for more than 6 hours to catch the Antharas Raid? Is it ok ? There is a question mark SanO/Kse/Koll Existing TI server What is the management plan for the server? If you can, please make antharas-raid a little easier to farm