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  1. Its boring make a walk around GC/Primeval and see in 90% of times a GK with purple/red top B weapon has 8 boxes follow himself, because no have sense BD/sws or other party member hit when GK kill the mob in 2 secs, and you dont worry about nothing when you know the gk can easily have 4 Mobs hitting and his HP dont go above 50%.
  2. Hello, I want to Talk about Gladi/duelist prof against GK. Obviously both classes has some diferences, It was always like this. But I think on the Server the diferences its so high. GK can solo without heal, tank hits of Mobs on top spots of late Game as GC or Primeval, as a Monster, they dont have heavy amor passive,but they always use heavy because It give a lot of pdef VS light amor. Even destroyer/titan class is marginalized against GK. When destro was always the King of the pve. And gladi was the another DD under titan and GK. The problem i see was heavies sets on class Who dont have this passive, and It hasnt repercussion on stats. A duelist or titan, on same or comparable setups and gear was very far from a GK on pve. A GK can tank like 5 Monsters on GC when a Duelist if 2/3 lesser giant Warriors hits you, at same time, you are dead in a few seconds because you cant heal yourself 1/4 of the Hp a GK can heal himself with VR and his attack, and atk speed. I dont asking for a Nerf on GK/tyrant, I only want a buff on duelist/titan to getting Closer of him, knowing GK even Will be better. Maybe a little bit of VR on active skills? Maybe more attack speed on the new skill duelist have on last patch? Talking about that skill on these months only 1 time hitting perma on a RB I get the lvl 4, 80% of the time skill work at 1 or 2 level missing the 3rd and 4th Range of this skill. I just want as If said before on the post to get Closer of the Monster of pve when our classes are very similar. Thx for read this bible. Best regards