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  1. Thank you, if you need any information or test I am available.
  2. Hi all, There is something I don't understand regarding the damage of Excruciating strike (Destroyer). I have both of Fatal & Excruciating strike at level 21 at the moment. Fatal adds 1046 to attack & ignore shield def and Excruciating adds 1318 to attack & ignore shield def + 20% of defense. However fatal strike deals much more damage than Excruciating strike on mobs in PvE. Why would fatal strike deal more damage ? Am I missing something ?? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I tried to search on the forum but haven't found any information. I just started on this server a week ago, I just created a talisman of Insolence in Giran. I noticed we can enhance it, but I would like to know how I can buy/drope/create other talisman ? Thank you for your help. Regards.