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  1. I just wondering, how many full drops were "empty" pick up... lot of time, 6/10 mobs makes empty drop, animation... and Empty mage skill shot... Its miss magic skill or what? Spell is casted, costs mana but deals 0 damage... hapends almost on every mobs randomly.. happens 4-5 times in a row... WTF???"?? i played L2 since C1 and never seen that before... what is that?
  2. thanks, Topic Closed. Have a nice day!
  3. Hello, i play warlock and have a problem finding or dropping spellbook for binding cubic... i was checked all internet about drop this spellbook and all ideas of drop are here on monster Hatu Windsus, but there are missing monster on server that cannot drop this spellbook.. Any idea to fix it? https://l2.dropspoil.com/item/4922/spellbook-summon-binding-cubic.html