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  1. PM MAISTORA / ACEDIA WTS: Tarbar+2 EAC SB:Anchor
  2. Abruzzi

    Exp Bonus BUG

  3. Abruzzi

    Exp Bonus BUG

    Man if you kill red mob you get less exp if mob is white or green. This is how exp work in next chornicles. Theese files are downgraded from Goddess or later version. Party of 7, physical skills dmg is from late versions also. I will give you one example. Dwarf 40 lvl vs Sorcer 40 lvl. Dwarf with low/mid D grade wep. Nuker with D grade set. Nuker buffed with shield 3 lvl, dwarf with might 2 lvl. Dwarf made 2k dmg with stun. Do you think its normal?
  4. Abruzzi

    Exp Bonus BUG

    I will geve you the right example. Im 42 killing some mob 45 get 8k exp, when leveled up 43 i got more exp. It was in same party before and after leveling.
  5. Abruzzi

    Exp Bonus BUG

    Due to the information I have when you kill mobs higher than your level (never mind how higher) you got 100% of mob exp without any penalty. Here when I kill red mobs i have exp. On level 35 kiling mobs 45 i got big penalty in exp. Whit char 43 level I get much much more exp.
  6. Abruzzi


    Change proxies. Even this may not help because ppl are way way more than what they expected. Aslo retarded Achylek is ddosing for sure.
  7. I can bet that Russians will write down private shops in Russian. Since they can change client language to Russian, can spam in Russian why not to make shops in Russian. The only reason not to do it If Cyrillic is unable.
  8. Personally I understand most of Russians, since I used to study Russian at high school, aslo I write in Cyrillic also so its not problem for me. Its just annoying to see Russian spam and Russian s...t titles on private stores. Соски = shots, перчи = gloves, do you think its better like this?
  9. On beta its 99% Cyrillic, and 100% of Russians deny using English.
  10. Abruzzi


    Since exp rate is too low a lot of rutarded Russians will make some nukers only for pk in early game. BUT its part of the game.
  11. I suggest you to disable Cyrillic, so we will be saved from Russian monkey letters.
  12. group of 4-5 nuker orientated cp lf members (BG/INT)
  13. We will need books for skills learning?
  14. Abruzzi


    Ако има бг-та, които си търсят цп, пишете на лично. Маг парти ще правим и сме 5-6 човека. За повече инфо лично.