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  1. 1. Limit Scroll Enchant and Improved Enchant drops only to Mobs and Bosses. Release these items in new areas or in more existing areas. 2. Do not release Scroll Enchant and Improved Enchant rewards for daily mission boxes, otherwise, players will stop playing the game to farm daily boxes. 3. Make Catacombs available as short weekly events, offering new farming opportunities for players. 4. Release at least 3 account boxes. I know players who play solo in their free time but are discouraged from playing on the Dion server because they can't log in support characters for buffs. Moreover, this decreases the "COL" flow on the server. (I don't see any advantages in limiting it to one box). Note: Bringing more variety and farming options for different level ranges, as mentioned above, I believe will bring new incentives and growth opportunities for players.