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  1. I've been waiting for that patch in order to see if it changes anything. I would lean towards changes that decrease the cost of A gems at least to 1kk. I anticipate the price would drop maximum to 5kk during next 2 month or would stay the same. Which is a meaningless change towards proper craft/grade mechanics. @Koll Which price do you think would be the fair for A gems?
  2. Having A Gemstones that are worth 7kk each completely breaks the mechanics of the game. It's impossible to get A-grade gear, except for players who farm epic bosses. This leads to no difference between having levels 52 and 61, since it's much cheaper and better to buy +6 B sets. Of course, there are also +6 A sets, but only a few people have them. This issue cascades further. It completely breaks the crafting of A-grade gear. No one would spend 600kk on Gemstones to craft A-grade weapons with only a 60% success chance. The weapon itself costs less. Additionally, bounty hunters become completely useless at high levels since no one needs A-grade recipes, except maybe a few that require B-grade gems. This situation makes A-grade weapons mostly useless, as inserting a rune is never worth it. Even if you somehow craft the item or get it from a drop or a Raid Boss, you still have to obtain Cloths, which makes sets 20 times more expensive. This, in turn, leads to the strategy of enchanting sets to +6 and only then unpacking them. I would suggest the following changes: Increase the drop rate of Gemstones by at least 10 times and distribute them among more mobs. A-grade Gemstones shouldn't cost 1000 times more than B-grade. Add the ability to spoil them or obtain them from a quest. Reduce the number of Gemstones required to craft an item if the top options lead to imbalance. I completely understand that A-grade gear is top-tier and should be expensive, but not to the degree where it is worth as much as tier-1 epic gear.
  3. When droplist/spoilist is gonna be available on l2db?
  4. Monday restart solved the issue. Unfortunately I lost 30mil exp because I could get it finished on Sat. with x2 bonus 😞
  5. I tried also in 4 hours, effect is the same
  6. 2024-06-30_01-36-23.mkv I get to the last tablet paragraph 17 from here When I kill the Angel nothing happens and Winter Hunter Kadyth says "I've missed.... Beter luck next time". He disappears in ~5min and when I try again it's exactly the same. I've tried already 10+ times. IGN: LorenStrawberry Here's the video I tried different things: - I checked that my inventory has space - I restarted the client - I've updated the client - I've launched the game on another PC - I did the same quest with a different char an hour ago and it worked. But not with this cardinal - No one in the party - I tried to last hit it with a melee attack - I tried to let the NPC last hit it, but it has too low damage for that Quote
  7. We have: BD 72 SWS 72 Hawk 72 PP 72 Spoil 72 Not regularly but sometimes we also have: SK 73 SE 72 TYR 69 Silver Ranger 67 TH 72 We chose location based on our current party. We need more strong phys damage: Destr Tyr Bows Dagger Can accept other classes if someone if you have OL/WC 76+ off party mail me: deathsongsinger