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  1. Hello, I am kinda noob in what means this new "classic" platform...i played l2 since the early days of Chronicle 2 till Hellbound, if i remember correctly . As i read about this server features i understood somehow that this is based on the latest chronicle but with the features of C1, the only problem that i have its that there are some skills from c6 at least and even beyond c6... its not that i have a problem with it its just that i dont know what to expect from a class.... i wish to make an overlord or warcryer.... if everything would work as "normal" i whould know what to do...but...if someone can pls explain to me how this "classic" platform works and in the future paches wich of the 2 classes is better....cause if i heard correctly somwere in garcia chronicle overlords got more buffs and they replaced warcryers not only in clan but even in partyes... (dunno if my infro about ol is correct cause i left l2 after hellbound...) thank you in advance for youre respond and i hope to see you all on the battlefield
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    salut, sunt interesat sa joc in clan, nu o sa fiu extrem de activ dar incerc sa joc cat mai des...cred ca o sa joc main wc.
  3. ZeTyR

    salut, intrebare

    am gasit raspunsul pt duallbox, dar am tot citit pe net despre conceptul acesta de classic... aveti careva vre-o pagina unde gasesc o descriere mai bune ca inseamna classic....din cate am inteles incepe de la conceptu de c1 si o sa fie update odata la x timp.... sorry ca is mai greu de cap....am jucat l2 de pe vremea c1 pana pe hellbound.... vroiam doar sa ma asigur ca nu ii ceva customizat cum is serverele mai noi....
  4. salutare, o sa fie duallbox pe server?
  5. ZeTyR

    salut, intrebare

    in primul rand mersi pt raspunsul rapid, am cautat un pic pe net ce inseamna "classic" . dar am uitat un aspect destul de important, cum o sa fie duallbox?
  6. ZeTyR

    salut, intrebare

    salut, acuma am descoperit serveru si am cateva intrebari pentru ca sunt la servici hehe si nu am timp ca sa citesc forumul si pare sa fie un proiect dragut acest server.... daca bine am vazut va fi c1? daca da, o sa faca upgrade si la alte chronicle? multumesc anticipat pt raspuns, o zi placuta sa aveti.