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  1. About messages color - check Suggetions section (pinned thread, last posts in it) for ready files and Gameplay section for editing tool.
  2. Long time Probably still there are people how would to use this tool, but unfortunately main domain again expired and mirror is not premium only. Now I've changed main link to link directly into webhosting without regular domain so it will not expire (but looks strange). About any changes - I'm not sure if I still have code of the program somewhere and used subprograms. Maybe after Zekken update I will try to find them.
  3. It's hearthwarming that someone remember me and that tool But I dont even know if old one is still working as I wasn't running L2 from that time And if it will be working with new update. Also for now I don't know what else usefully tool I could do (with know how ;))
  4. Hello guys. After long break, I've wanted to check if I could run good, old L2 in my job with connection through Hamachi to my laptop with mobile internet with proxy server, to test this solution before setupping this stuff on my home PC with stable connection. I've downloaded L2 and patch and I could even login into the game and kill some mob, but with ping 200, so... And with DC. Then I've tried if would be same if I will connect laptop to my phone internet instead of company network. Before this I've run server patcher to e sure that everything is updated, But then problems has started. AV has taken updater exe into quarantine, but hey, I can still run by L2.exe, right? But from this time everytime, when I enter credentials, game is crashing on loading screen, before showing my characters. I thought that it's company laptop problem with some software blockade or server patcher is bugged. But I installed now L2 on my private laptop and it's exacly the same. The error is classical Windows "Application has stopped working".
  5. It was some timer ago, but as I remember I added an option to change some sounds, but couldn't give to much because of changed names in client. Now I can't check if I was any close to use all sounds available in game. But for surę I changed at that time spoił sound for myself.
  6. Some event messages arę duplicated from older chronicles. You have to find one with proper text. As Temudjin said, you have to find "inflicted" messages.
  7. Yeah, some problems with hosting of the site. For sure was working short time after domain update. I've added mirror with 3rd party uploading site.
  8. Hi. I'm not playing any more, but I've updated the link. My previous domain expired, thx for info. As for ready systemmsg, check this post: I've done this for myself and shared in linked topic.
  9. Take that which you like most. Everyone at the end will be usefull.
  10. "Welcome to the World of Pinkage II".
  11. You know, generally every .exe in internet can contain virus no matter what main program do Especially .exe for non-official client for some MMO @Anytime VirusTotal scan:
  12. Can't stop listening:
  13. New version with small fixes. Last version, if will not be reported any important bug.
  14. My basic colors for 2.0: SystemMsg_Classic-eu.dat Changelog: