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  1. Now see what ... No one said I was going to go to the enemy ... whoever he was ... Just at one moment I was tired of dealing with people who did not listen .... I give Example yesterday: I'm going with a party at ABG, my people want to fight with a clan that I am a friend but also with the party in which I am also have friends! And what to do now! Can anyone tell me .......At the same time, our real enemy is attacking us! I'm not a teacher to teach people what to do, and I have no desire honestly ..... Come on, tell now who is right and who is wrong?
  2. Hello, everyone! I really have a lot to play on this server! I have a great desire to really happen something interesting, but I just do not know how to do that after the last few days I've seen so many intrigues! Once in my alliance they already started fighting each other, I think we got to the bottom ... For the last one week I've raised 2%.So, at the moment I'm starting to see my interest! For the moment, if there is a constant party to host me, I will be very grateful! I just want to be active and play regularly .... I do not care who clan they are. It's important to play regularly ...My playing time is: 19:00 to 01:00 euro time. I am GMT+2! My character is Shielen Knight 69 lvl. My nick in game is : SilentDead! Greetings to all of a serious player!
  3. omg what wtf? that`s not true?
  4. Hello! I mean a few things! First: a friend of a hardcore player told me that in every server the administrators move things. There is no way how to do it anymore .... So in this connection they / they are in the wrong direction now .... 1 against 10 Is at the moment the power as well as to look at it. And that's what the guys are to blame! Second: this notorious 2.0 will probably come when there are only 5 people.Third: how long will you allow these dumb bots in the game ..... Have you not invented protection against them for so many years? If it's better, do not worry about servers anymore! I am really nervous at the moment! Until recently I was paying for a premium account in the game but I do not think I can do that anymore! No sense ....... I really like hardcore but really does not make sense ...
  5. SK LF CP/CLAN !! 66 lvl! prime time: 19:00 - 01:00 GMTt+2 ! Speak bulgarian/english/russ! Use teamspeak!
  6. Hi all! Need for CP/CLAN for good farm and fun! I have Spoil and Shielen Elder 52 lv ! Pm me Nick in game MissyMimi or Leq
  7. I bought 120 coin of luck and translated them into his character! And go to the Special Shop and give to buy a premium account for 30 days! And gives me that no requirements for this ... What's the problem?
  8. Fraud Error F11 Страна, в которой издана карта, не входит в список разрешенных (#2) I am from Bulgaria! I need pay Premium Account with VISA! Why our country not autorized for pay in this server! .......... How now i will pay?
  9. Hi all! I am new player in this server! I have one big question. What gives me a premium account and how much will it cost me a month! Thanks!
  10. Klan si namerih Ama imam edin drug vupros. Nali imashe edin quest za clan drehi D-grade! Otkude se vzemashe toi? Nqkoi moje li da pomogne.
  11. lol i using newbee shots....... They dont work? I am now 20 lv......
  12. soulshot and spiritshot working?
  13. Yes i now start client from l2.exe in german proxy but shots did dont work..