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Found 9 results

  1. Just look at that speed! Time for GMs to collect their 25 EURO.
  2. Does the in-game action button "Report Bot" gives info to the GM-s or it does not work and we have to report bots in other ways ?
  3. Caverex

    DuncanFox Bot?

    I was exp at cruma and i saw that, a guy with a full pt on his box, can you check that?
  4. No flame please, just asking. I've just upload a 1440p video ( 6 GB ) with 4, different, bot player. My reward was like 15 iron ore. Now, if the reward is a part of adena/resources/pieces from banned bot user, how i can believe that four ( 4 !!!! ) bots have no money, no armor, no weapon ?? Really, if u wanna fight bot, u have to give a GOOD reward. Like bot's weapon and armor, and ALL adena... I don't understand why this choice to give "trash" as reward.
  5. Hi every1, I've been levelling a EE on the server and it's been fun to experience the hard L2 =P Problem is, my machine runs on linux. So I'm worried about the recent changes on anti-bot software. Will my system be ok with it, or can I possibly be banned? BTW my worries are mostly because I can't get past proxy selection screen atm =P On official NA servers, mandatory use of gameguard have recently been implemented (main reason among many why I left them), but then the only thing that would happen is not being able to login. Thanks and keep up the good work o/
  6. Maxpower

    seller Adena

    why didnt have GM in game ? more easy clear this problem with bots in town
  7. Stupid bot users. Shot00027.bmp Shot00029.bmp Shot00030.bmp Shot00031.bmp Shot00032.bmp
  8. warzon3


    lv20 BOT > sku83r3ix
  9. This isn't good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like you are loosing control over the situation. I'm seeing more and more bots out there. You have to do something quick, because the consequences will be dramatic!!!!!!!!!