Screenshots Event "My favorite place in Lineage 2"

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An Ivory Tower.
A beautiful ivory white tower, with the wisest magicians inside combination with Great Moon at the back side.

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The participation for the contest is now closed!

We want to thank everyone who send us a screenshot!

Tomorrow we will have a veeeeery hard job in winners picking :)

L2classic.club <3 you!!!!! 

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Dear friends!

Once again we want to thank everyone for participation!

It was really hard to pick winners because we had a lot of great screenshots.

So hours of debates brought us to the decision, that we won't have loosers! Everyone, who won't be announced as a winner, will get a small gift for participation in a contest -  30 Days Hair Accessory Ticket!

And now let me reveal the winners!


1st PlaceD3vilo

2nd Place - xNirvana

3rd place -  ArcanumRodgerSwitchBladeCoCoAfrica

And we also want to highlight the work of Lin and reward him with a Color Title!


Our congratulations!


We are sorry if you didn't find your name in a winners list. But don't worry! More contests are to come soon!

To claim your reward please send a PM to Kse here on the forum.

For winners - PM title "Screenshot contest winner", and write down your ingame nick and, for 1st and 2nd places, picked from the shop reward.

For participants - PM Title "Screenshot contest participant", and write your ingame nickname.


Best regards,

Classic Club

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