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Next Sieges and Time Changes.

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From this point on, sieges will happen 1 hour earlier then they did until now.

So sieges before were happening at 18:00 CET, from now on they will happen at 17:00 CET.

This change applies for next siege already.


Also Due to Holidays on different religions, countries and locations, siege cycle of January 1st will be skipped. This means there will be no sieges on January 1stas they should. next siege will be on December  18th. and after this one there will be sieges only in January 15th.

This way we cover all major holidays like Christian Christmas, New Year, Orthodox Christmas and all other big celebrations happening from December 25th till the middle of January.


Both this decisions were made after extended discussion with all the castle owners and most of the clan/ally Leaders involved on the sieges, with all of them agreeing it was the best solution.


Best regards.

And Happy Holidays.

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