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  1. San0


    TI/Dion: - Event items drop disabled. - Added option to exchange Teleportation Scrolls to Nun's Ring via Lucas
  2. San0


    Talking Island / Dion: - Cripple lvl 21 and lvl 22 now decrease speed by correct amount. Dion: - teleport to LOA from Giran was added.
  3. San0


    TI: Zakens teleport on Deck was removed ( door still opens at Zakens 30% HP )
  4. San0


    Attack on Jack O'Lantern reward now can be claimed only by level 20 or above.
  5. In this topic we will cover what will come in our next update on DION x3 on 02.10.2023. SKILLS OLYMPIAD BOSSES ITEMS LOA/TOI PVP EVENT OTHER CHANGES FEATURES AND SERVICES SKILLS Summoners: Summon Feline King cast time increased from 6 to 10 seconds Summon Feline King reuse time increased from 15 to 30 seconds Summon Feline King resource requirement changed from Spirit Ore to Crystal C grade Summon Magnus the Unicorn cast time increased from 6 to 10 seconds Summon Magnus the Unicorn reuse time increased from 15 to 30 seconds Summon Magnus the Unicorn resource requirement changed from Spirit Ore to Crystal C grade Summon Spectral Lord cast time increased from 6 to 10 seconds Summon Spectral Lord reuse time increased from 15 to 30 seconds Summon Spectral Lord resource requirement changed from Spirit Ore to Crystal C grade Archers: Critical damage bonus added to bow mastery passive Removed movement penalty from Snipe Removed range penalty from Rapid Fire Tanks: Shield Bash added to Temple Knight Arrest added to Temple Knight Daggers: Blinding Blow added to Plains Walker Blinding Blow added to Abyss Walker Dagger Mastery has been reworked to when attacking, proc a buff that provides the dagger with increased land rate of blow type skills and a decrease on mana consumption for a short duration. Warsmith: Warsmiths will now also be able to craft pet soulshots and pet spiritshots ALL CLASSES: All classes will receive the skill transformation Pirate at level 40 All classes will receive the skill transformation Dark Assassin at level 60 All classes will receive the skill transformation White Assasssin at level 70 OLYMPIAD Hero weapons will now be available for the characters that manage to achieve Hero status. Infinity Axe Infinity Bow Infinity Dagger Infinity Dual Sword Infinity Fighter Infinity Rod Infinity Scepter Infinity Slasher Infinity Spear Infinity Sword Rewards: Players will now be able to purchase from olympiad manager Spellbook Box - 3rd Class Transfer for adena and Battle Marks. BOSSES BAIUM Angelic Vortex added to 13th floor of Tower of insolence. This is a teleport to new epic boss Baium. In order to participate in Baium Raid you need to have Blooded Fabric. This item can be obtained from the special "Arrogant Search" quest. Raid battle resets in 2 hours. (if not killed in 2 hours everyone inside will be kick out of the raid zone and baium will reset back to its statue form) You have only 10 minutes to leave Baium Raid Zone after successful attack. Baium will be killed on server restart after update and will start his normal respawn timer from then. EPIC PRIESTS This 4 new Raid Boss additions are servants of the epic bosses - Ant Queen, Core, Orfen and Baium. As loyal and trusted servants of the Epic Bosses, this ones can also (with very small chance) present the warriors who dare to challenge and defeat them with the epic boss jewels and A grade items. General Bosses Information: All this 4 Boss Priests are level 75 raid bosses. All this 4 Boss Priests have a Berserk Stage that is activated 15 minutes after the fight starts, during this Berserk Stage the Boss becomes insanely strong and basically impossible to deal with or kill. Berserk Stage lasts for 20 minutes. As with other bosses, taking this Raids into locations that prevent other players from reaching them (such as castles) is not allowed. Bosses Information: Queen Ant Drone Priest. This Boss Priest stays located near the Ant Nest. It uses normal mass cancel (3 to 5 buffs) and berserk skill and when on 15 % HP it uses celestial shield for couple of seconds. Priest Orfen Lord Ipos. This Boss Priest stays located in Plains of Lizardmen. It uses normal mass cancel (3 to 5 buffs) and berserk skill and from time to time changes his target to a random target around it. When lower then 50% HP it uses a mass debuff to consume MP. Priest of Core Decar, This Boss Priest stays located near the Cruma Tower. It uses normal mass cancel (3 to 5 buffs) and berserk skill. Angel Priest of Baium, This Boss Priest stays located near the Town of Giran. It uses normal mass cancel (3 to 5 buffs) and berserk skill. EPIC BOSSES All epic bosses with exception of baium have their random window of respawn halved. As example if a boss would be a 1 day +/- 12 hours spawn time now it will be a 1 day +/- 6 hours time. Bow resist passive has been removed from all epic bosses ITEMS Players will now have a chance to obtain Baium's Ring when defeating Baium. Players will be able to enhance their Baium's Ring to a Reinforced Baium's Ring using the improve rare accessory option on NPC Baggins. When defeating Baium players will also have a chance to collect from the loot table a Baium's Soul When combining Baium's Soul and Talisman of Insolence VI players will get a Talisman of Baium Magic tablets drop chance increased White cloth (an arrogant search quest item) drop amount increased from 1 to 5 LOA / TOI PVP EVENT New content update brings to all of you the Lair of Antharas and Tower of Insolence PVP events. General Information: PVP event will take place in Lair of Antharas and Tower of Insolence(4+ floor) every Tuesday from 20.00 to 00.00(server time). Through out all the duration of this event (20:00 to 00:00), Tower of Insolence (4+ floor) and Lair of Antharas zones become combat zones(pvp zones). While the event is running some special monsters will spawn in Lair of Antharas and Tower of Insolence(4+ floor). This monsters have a 30 minutes respawn time, and can appear in all farming zones of Lair of Antharas and Tower of Insolence(4+ floor). This monsters will drop A grade related items. Name:Blood Knight During this event time, at 20:30 and 22:30 a Captain of the Blood Knights will spawn. This monster can spawn anywhere in Tower of Insolence(4+ floor) AND anywhere in Lair of Antharas (it spawns on both location and not only in loa OR only in toi). Name: Captain of Blood Knights IMPORTANT NOTE: This event and its features might suffer changes in future if we see its needed or if future changes happen on official versions. OTHER CHANGES FEATURES AND SERVICES Client limitations have been increased from 1+1 (1 non premium + 1 premium) to 1+2 (1 non premium + 2 premium) Class change service has been added to DION x3. all info to be found HERE Newer players smooth transition mechanics has been increased, besides the bonus to EXP(SP/Adena added till level 49 from one of the latest newbie QoL updates players will now keep half of this bonuses up to level 60, witch will then halve again up to level 70. EX: 1 to 49 - 100% increase. 50 to 60 - 50% increase. 61 to 70 - 25% increase. Moon Knight quest reward has also been boosted to provide newbies with extra consumables and the Newbie Helper Fairy Agathion to provide magical support for 60 days. Fixed a problem with some drakes in dragon valley close from LOA entrance to spawn only on server restart and not respawning after causing this places to have less monsters then it should.
  6. San0


    - Fixed event mobs spawn in Silent Valley - Fixed event mobs interfering with LOA/Cruma special mobs spawn
  7. San0


    DION x3 - Server drop rate was increased ( will not affect items with 100% drop chance, bosses ). Collecting statistic regarding full items drop. Please provide feedback. - Magical Tablets drop chance was increased 2 times ( after collecting stats, tablets were also returned into groups they were before, because it increases amount of tablets dropped comparing to mobs killed )
  8. San0


    - Fixed Might of Heaven Cooldown/cast time info on client side. (requires update) - Fixed olympiad manager item prices to original 2.0 prices. - Fixed enchanted robe passive to give p def instead of m def - Magic tablets removed from resources group and now have its own group. Monsters can now drop magic tablet and resources when before it used to be possible only one or the other.
  9. San0


    - Fixed description and stats of Talisman of Insolence V
  10. San0


    - Fixed levels of spirit sharing available for 2.0 version. Levels 4 and 5 of this skill have been removed, players who already learned this levels got their SP returned. - Fixed seal of suspension land rate to match the correct land rate. Skill land rate is now 60%.
  11. San0


    - Fixed HP of Riba Iren to be equalized to other Orfen Guards. - Fixed Elmoreden's Lady not droping essense - Fixed Enhanced Orfen's Earring providing reflect damage.
  12. San0


    - Fixed Elmoreden's Lady spawn. - Fixed Scroll: Improve Combat, Scroll: Improve Condition, Scroll: Improve Critical removed from drop and from all players. - Moon Knight quest Adena reward removed.
  13. San0


    Fixed moon knight quest reward Fixed moon knight quest monsters spawns Fixed siege crystals Fixed problem with some summons not being able to be summoned inside oly stadium Fixed not selling 3rd class dyes on giran npc.
  14. they also have group for B grade.