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  1. San0

    [2.0 Zaken] Newbie Guide

    what he said. every char on obt is gm char so you log in with gm hide on and when you talk to npc you see their html ids. you need to make //hide off to remove this hide effect.
  2. San0


    beep boop.. me, no, robot... system error... power failure.. no coffee... ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR!!! 11101100011110110010100001111100110100100!
  3. San0

    It was never so easy to join!

    there wont be any free weapons given away for anyone. game as it is on classic was not made to be easy. achievement system already provides to the player more then they need to level up fast enough for a classic version of the game. for love of god its a 3 day job to get to lvl 40 even without bosses. dont rush it, it was not meant to be that way. shop is updated whenever we see fit and it will not include hats or cloaks from events due to the fact as mentioned before lot of times this are made to be unique and reward players who played during the event. i bet those people who have a santa hat that says "holiday season of 2015" are very proud of it while if this hat would be on the shop it would be just one more hat. buff scrolls are still around and might still be around on next events so the opinion this is obsolete makes no sense. Moreover the pk decrease scrolls from shop if i am not mistaken have a lower reuse then the normal scrolls. so if people prefer to put money instead of time they do it. about the offline ticket, the free offline shop was a sort of event for limited time that we ended up leaving on due to players request, this does not mean on the future it wont be back to the needing item again except on market place. players who make the parties are free to pick who they want to invite, this is not server's fault or problem, otherwise next step in 2 months players making parties to toi will only invite people with A grade weapons so we should give to everyone a A grade weapon by the same logic. stop trying to make the end game reachable in 1 month, this is not the server either the chronicle for it unless you are lvling a alt char with top gear and high level buffs. further in, the shop is there and nothing forces you to use it or buy anything from there, player who want buy it, players who dont, dont buy it, if i dont want to buy bread i dont enter the bread shop unless its raining a lot outside and its the only place around for cover. work speed on the server as nothing to do with money or motivation it has to do with what is humanly possible for us to achieve in certain amount of time. and hiring extra people for team is not a matter of money but a matter of trust. we trust what we have now, we keep what we have now. if theres something that should be done to help newcomers and a big chance it will be done is remove prices for teleports until lvl 40 or so, this way leaving newbies with more money to purchase there stuff while allowing the newbies before them to sell their old stuff and improve not only the progress of just arrived newbies but the generation of newbies before them.
  4. San0


    i think its antharas patch
  5. San0

    Progress tracker.

    - Fixed Weight on Fruits and Warriors MP Potion
  6. San0

    Progress tracker.

    - Fixed Zaken Earring displaying same icon on all levels. - Fixed magic resistance on TOI VI tali - Fixed problm causing buff from items such as fresh beer to behave wrong and not display on buff bar. - Fixed Zaken earring to be non grade and not S grade - Fixed some weapons not avalable to be used for augm )dragon slayer, branch of mother tree, destroyer hammer) -Fixed guild gratitude stew to not be possible to buy with normal makerel anymore.
  7. San0

    Update Progress

    Added Super runes system. Added Dye Exchange system Fixed some old problems related to weapons with runes when using mail, wh etc. Fixed some old problems on the clan reward system allowing new characters joining clan to receive clan rewards right away instead of having to wait until next reward reset time. Added additional info to droped weapons to be able to see now weapon enchant level, augmentations and rune condition. Added new changes to seal/unseal A and B Helmets on Blacksmith. Adjusted Death Knight levels to better match the Raid boss level they spawning from. Removed Olympiad message for the 120 count. Now message will display from 60 seconds instead of the old 120. Fixed couple of minor client interaction problems.
  8. San0

    Please, open a New Server

    no new classic servers are in plans for new future.
  9. San0

    Olympiad pillar bug

    its not the server, its the game itself. you can find similar behaviors on the official servers version sadly the game as improved in some things and gone worst on some others. Geodata specially was never flawless but the latest clients are quite horrible comparing to the older ones.
  10. San0

    Update Progress

    Added: - Augmentation System complete. passing now some polishing phases to ensure all is working correctly. - All new items for new missions on achievement system have been added and working. - 30 new quests added. - Death Knights added. - 35 new raid bosses added. Other: - Fixied some smaller bugs and problems left from older updates. Missing: - Fully working zaken boss. (some things still need to be re checked about skill powers and so on - scripter working on it atm) - New quests in devils isle - Remove some old quests. - Some Tweaks on the new daily and weekly missions on achievement system on how they track the status (mostly the daily hunting and weekly hunting missions). - Fixing some minor issues recently found on the new client (manton working on it atm). SOON™!!! Best regards, Classic Team
  11. Hello bro i found Runes are bugged after last update.... 

    I Burned 5 lvl Aeore then burned 1 lvl Aeore but after that lvl 5 again appered in my inventory , and i succeded to make it lvl 6. Check it out please becouse it can damage economy a lot.

  12. San0

    new server be open at anytime?

    atm there is no plans for another classic server. only focus is keep working on our baby and its future and constant updates.
  13. San0

    Flash mob

    Posted Monday at 08:38 PM Dear friends! On October, 24 we are celebrating Server's 3rd Birthday! And, of course, we couldn't stay away without congratulating all of you! We are announcing a Flash mob! A lot of fun and presents will be waiting for you on October, 24 at 20:00 CEST in Talking Island! Best regards, Classic Team
  14. San0


    turn off antivirus while using updater, prolly antivirus or windows defender is blocking and deleting it