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  1. San0


    - FIXED Dark Panther lvl 9 stats - FIXED 4th Anniversary cake to not stack with other Anniversary cakes.
  2. last week on similar topic:
  3. and stop listening to rumors and fake news i did not left the project neither will i ever. only way i leave is if i get fired for some reason.
  4. becuz facebook is a ass licking company of people with money who keep closing our pages at the resuqest of NCsoft and innova, there was like 5 FB pages already, they just keep geting closed even when no LEGAL copyright infringements are made. none of the above, admins keep working as they did from start. changes keep being made, some fixes keep being added and future of the server keeps being worked on. this server will never be closed for as long as theres people willing to play on it. and yet everytime a new patch is added that affects only catch up mechanics and easier life for new comers, all the end game community complain about how they dont get anything new and they dont have anything to do in game. as everything in life, it needs a balance. hence the alternation between late game content and new comers/low levels patches. to the rest of the people, and as said before, people dont sudently feel interested on playing in a 6 year old server and thats understandable. work outs/plans to try to solve this situation have been in development and work for some time already but still you need to manage your expectations and not expect that with some change or some new newbie help patch or some extra advertisement sudently talking island and gludin will be booming with new allies and clans starting, its just not realistic to expect this in a server that is up for so long in such server hopper mentality as most of l2 community has now a days. as also mentioned before, we are working on some new stuff and considering new options and possibilities. as soon as we have some concrete works, you will be the first ones to know after us. till then, miracles sadly cant happen, neither are we waiting for one, but we keep on working on finding out whats the best for the project continuity and longevity, as also exploring some other external options that can revitalize this Talking Island x3 server.


    결재해야 리니지2 플레이 할수 있는건가요?? 


  6. San0


    - FIXED Sublime Self Sacrifice to work for party members only. First animation still shows on other targets for now, we working on solution for it also. - FIXED problm with EXP loss on baium pvp zone.
  7. San0


    - FIXED Aura flare to not decrease m atack in pvp - Angel Cat's buffs and Life Control Tower Scroll can no longer work together, Life Control Tower Scroll will now override Angel Cat's buffs. - FIXED some issues with Stews.
  8. San0


    - Rechecked all levels of Primeval Talisman and fixed the following problems: Stun attack instead of stun defense MP consumption bonus not working on magical skills Skill powers bonus not working on some skills - Fixed Baium Talisman skill cost reduction not working on some skills - Scrolls droping from Zaken event chest have been changed from original version. Scrolls now has a 24h time limit. Scrolls now do not stack in inventories. 1 Scroll = 1 inventory slot, 10 scrolls = 10 inventory slots. Scrolls now can be used to buff yourself or your target (basically as a normal buff) Scrolls can no longer be traded. - Presents to commemorate this season have been added to everyone.
  9. exp on netherworld gatekeeper also increased on this restart. about the spawns, thats how random spawns work in such a large area, you have a big room where mobs can spawn anywhere inside it and when you keep killing in a small corner and they can respawn everywhere in the area eventualy some pile up in places where theres no one killing cuz theres no one to keep the balance, we keep adjusting the spawn areas to make it more precise, last changes we breake the zones in 2, so it would reduce this problm, we will see how it goes in future and keep adjusting some places.
  10. For the message part to be displayed properly it requires client update.
  11. we do not ignore what you guys say or your opinions, its just not possible to do everything you guys want done and what the rest of people want done all at same time and in the speed you want done. its basically this simple. you guys want X, other group of people want Y, other group of people want Z and somehow we need to split our time in trying to somewhat please everyone, so obviously is not possible, this patch was the last patch to "finish" the old saga, for a exemple this was the last place where A grade will be farmable, from here on its time for a new "era" lets call it. the idea of adding heine into the map was already a preparation for the next step where bigger stuff comes in. this pack was most just kinda of a closure of a chapter and preparation for the beginning of a new one.
  12. we are currently working on a way to make that RMT farm in DI not possible to exploit with the scroll stacking situation. about new people the situation is more complicated due to the herp derp 6 year old server not worth to play tho we have planed for future patches a more streamline lvling way to close the time and investment needed for players to reach higher lvevels" bug - bug report on forum. there will be changes for the tali in future and the way its achieved.
  13. i would also like to remind you this is a private server with 3 or 4 people working on it and on its content. if you expecting major updates to come with full packs and full zones and full list of new skills and full all the good stuff every 6 months i have bad news for you. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. you guys play this game actively and are hundereds of you, its easier and faster for you go go and even over do the content in a pace WAY faster then we can create it so i cannot blame you for being bored, and wanting new stuff for your type of play all the time, it is just not possible and if you guys are not enjoying or having fun on what there is atm, maybe lay back a bit, play less time, play something else for a bit to chill and have fun and come back to real play when content pleases you, its a game afterall, you are not suposed to play if you dont have fun.