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  1. San0

    new server be open at anytime?

    atm there is no plans for another classic server. only focus is keep working on our baby and its future and constant updates.
  2. San0

    Flash mob

    Posted Monday at 08:38 PM Dear friends! On October, 24 we are celebrating Server's 3rd Birthday! And, of course, we couldn't stay away without congratulating all of you! We are announcing a Flash mob! A lot of fun and presents will be waiting for you on October, 24 at 20:00 CEST in Talking Island! Best regards, Classic Team
  3. San0


    turn off antivirus while using updater, prolly antivirus or windows defender is blocking and deleting it
  4. San0

    Spell book

    drake the one with arrow resist
  5. San0

    FAQ Zaken update

  6. San0

    FAQ Zaken update

    there will be one down the road but people dont like to wait. 13 - no VR was always working like that since even 1.0 when we first changed it if i am not mistaken 12 if it wil be possible to fix it in time that we see fit yes if not it will be fixed later.
  7. San0

    FAQ Zaken update

  8. San0

    FAQ Zaken update

  9. San0

    Delay/lag/d/c on Eu/Ger proxy

    good old times
  10. San0

    FAQ Zaken update

    it stay as it is now untill further notice.
  11. San0

    Delay/lag/d/c on Eu/Ger proxy

    server back up
  12. San0

    FAQ Zaken update

    not sure if this will come right from the start, i guess it might depend on how long will take manton to finish with the stuff he has left to do and see if we can fit this before update hits. if not it will be on top priority on after update fixes.
  13. San0

    FAQ Zaken update

    5 and 6 i am counting on it, with the new client we should have the skill animation we were missing on the old client for this raid boss skill.
  14. San0

    Delay/lag/d/c on Eu/Ger proxy