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  1. San0

    Duel remove raid debuff bug

    it was already said multiple times it was not a bug.
  2. San0

    PK count reduction bug

    were you in floran vilage?
  3. San0

    Aeore rune bug?

    whenever they will be made and instaled on live server i cant tell the future boys all i can do is let you know on the changes logs after its instaled
  4. San0

    Aeore rune bug?

    almost al this type of skill apply to base values, not boosted ones.
  5. San0

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    stuff isnt even decided yet and you want etas already xD, whenever all will be decided there will be announce about change and time when change will start working
  6. San0

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    those are 2 diferent point in time xD, the 2 groups was indeed my first idea. after this talks i realized all in one group would make prolly late game faster to reach leading to more options and more entretainemtn for late game players and clans, and the banas part i always think someone will go bananas over everything we do, prolly cuz always someone will go bananas over everything we do.xD where i stand now, i agree 1 group only might be healthier for the server late game but will make many people mad. 2 groups seams to be the best way from what i see from most of peoples options. adding TK and paladin to first group might be at same time bad and good idea, good cuz they have strong skill on lvl 80 at same time bad cuz they are prolly the least played classes and would be interesting to balance this numbers allowing more people to change into this classes.
  7. San0

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    with all the boosts, all the newbie helps, all the raid bosses, all the events and all the rest, people already get to 79 really easy anyway as far as i see from the users comments.
  8. San0

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    í would go even further and argue that all in one group would be the healthier for the server to be really honest. just dont suggest it cuz dont want people to go bananas
  9. San0

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    and if it leads to more people playing actively in the late game where is the harm on it? one might argue that is unfair for who ever leveled their slow classes old school style but... in the end is it bad for the late game it self?
  10. San0

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    you guys missing the point of having the DA and pony on group 2, the idea is exactly giving more option for people to get out of this classes that are borken in some scenes like for example olympiad, leading to possibility of having less of this classes in the game which are now overcrowded.
  11. San0

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    why sorc and sps in diferent groups? they are kinda the same except sorc has body to mind untill lvl 40.
  12. San0

    Rush Rb

    if the comand channel is on master loot drop option, the party with cc leader will get drop. if cc is not master loot drop anyone on cc can get drop. not a bug and it worked like this since i remember. i miss the days when people were fighting for a raid boss, instead of everyone jumping in the bandwagon and sing the kumbaya all together.
  13. San0

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    i dont want players to say what i want them to say, but go on a topic that is about the new changes ideas for a old service and basically you idea is to keep the old service, its not the most ideal point of view needed in this topic. the service WILL be changed and that is a FACT. we just trying to figure out with players what people might be more interested in having, and as you can see is the players who are helping on deciding it when we could have just arrived here and announced wtv changes we wanted. Also this changes are happening due to the amount of player requests. and specially the amount of times that @Anytime asks per day when we planning on making changes on this service.
  14. San0

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    sry thats not a viable idea as i mentioned before, this is basically a no changes idea for a service that no longer fulfill its main goal
  15. San0

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    class change service is changed/updated after every major server update. for example when it started there was 5 diferent groups cuz it was the best option for the game how it was back then, and with time game became more forgiving and fast forward and this limitations started becoming less and less. it is needed a update now as it needed many updates during the past 4 years.