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  1. San0


    Added new aditional pvp zone on baium room Reworked 21:00 boss spawn system Fixed Critical Wound not affecting dagger skills
  2. i suggest people ask instead of speculating or listen to random stories from whoever, as if you have asked, you would know as much as who bothered to ask that we are since the latest mini patch drop working on 2 possible new clients to use on future updates. After the 2 clients will be somewhat usable we will see what we can do with either of them and decide which ones to use for the next update. i still wonder where you guys get this brilliant notions out of nowhere that people stop working or people stop caring about the server or wtv it is, how do you see 2 mini patches and 3 or 4 events, constant data base updates, multiple bug fixes (tho slower then they should but still) this all in past 6 months only and you connect it to server not evolving, no changes, admins dont have motivation anymore to keep working... + i work on a salary basis since the beginning with some bonus from time to time, so the idea of the herp derp they dont make money so they dont work anymore means nothing for most of us considering our salary is roughly the same. but by all means, if you want to make your crowdfunding go ahead, i bet bosses and investors will be very happy with extra profit and i will just go and tell them it was my idea so maybe they get me a bonus out of it
  3. San0


    - Zaken ship zone is now a pvp zone. - Started letter collector's event that will last for a week.
  4. San0


    - Fixed buggy interaction of orfen 3 skill with Lord of vampire skill - changed shops so they can only contain english characters.
  5. they are not supposed to.
  6. the blacksmith guy tells you he heard rumors that his kin were finding this scales from the drakes in sea of spores.
  7. you telling me you dont read the fancy texts i make with so much love when you are talking to the NPCS?!?!?!?!?!? QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ yes, use updater again, it should solve it.
  8. no cooldown. quest will work same way as the daily ones from strix. same item drops system.
  9. UPDATE - Changed not droping to mobs completely to a 50% decrease chance for droping upon dying to monsters when not in chaotic state. Meaning players will now have 50% less chance to drop items when they die to mobs and they are not on chaotic state. No changes for chaotic state players. - The world info and map info delay about Raid bosses spawn will be delayed due to a problem found on it. Will announce when it gets fixed and back into the game.
  10. This topic will cover the changes coming to the server on next Monday 19.07.2021. This update will cover mostly catch up items and mechanics. After studying for some time the adena flow on the game we also realized the adena influx due to server rates and changes in past updates has become way higher then the adena flush options there for some changes were also made to increase adena dumping. Changes to Nostalgia NPC Changes to Raid Bosses New Quests New systems Other Changes CHANGES TO NOSTALGIA NPC After almost 6 years into the server timeline i think its time to start laying back on the difficulty and the time consumption of getting a new character up to the higher levels where the real activity is at this point, there for some decisions were made and some new items have been added to nostalgia in order to decrease the time a new player would take to reach the higher level phases of the game. CLASS QUEST MARKS. When talking to Nostalgia players now will be able to find a "Class Quest Marks" option. In this option players will be able to find the marks for their 1st class change quest and 2nd class change quest. Players CAN still make the normal quest if they would like to or dont want to spend the cols on it, but for the ones who want to avoid the hustle and want to progress faster, they can now purchase this marks on Nostalgia for 50 COL. XP/SP RUNES FOR NEWBIES With the same thoughts in mind we added also to Nostalgia new "XP/SP Newbie Rune 30%" This rune will only take effect up to lvl 76. After player finishes level 76 the effect of the rune no longer applies. This rune will have the cost of 30 COL for 7 days and 100 COL for 30 days. This rune effect stacks with 10% rune from Adventurer Account and most of the other EXP boost items from other categories. C GRADE TIME LIMITED WEAPONS After completing one of the new quests players will receive a newbie weapon ticket C grade to exchange on nostalgia for a time limited c grade weapons. CHANGES TO RAID BOSSES Balancing around Raid Bosses has been a problem for a long time but we keep trying to figure out a way of making people not play only for raid bosses without making them completely unappealing, for this reason some more changes were made on this subject. All Raid bosses above level 41 with the exception of epics had their EXP reduced by 20% After listening about this changes and thinking this could affect your progress, The Adventurer's Progress Guild and Strix decided to jump in to give you a helping hand. Strix sent out her friend and companion to look after you. To account for this drop on experience from Raid Bosses, After the raid boss is killed, Strix's Companion Magic Owl will spawn for 5 minutes. Talk to Magic Owl and you will receive the buff Strix's Blessings, that will increase your EXP/SP by 30% while hunting for 1 hour. RAID BOSS WORLD INFO DELAY With the changes on the raid bosses we also want to give some advantage to the ones who put the time and effort into actually camping a raid boss and tracking its spawns instead of just using some doubtful 3rd party magic in discord and cellphones and what not. For this reason we are working on a way to give advantage to the people who put the effort on opposite to the ones who dont. Due to this reasons the first change in order to achieve this objective has come into play. From now on, after a boss respawn it will no longer immediately show on the world tracker as alive, there will be a delay running between this 2 actions so that the ones who put the time and effort of camping boss A or boss B will have some advantage over the people just sitting in town looking at the map or over people just siting in discord/phones/wtv waiting on a magic message from the gods that will inform them the boss has respawned. For the moment this delay time will be 30 minutes. Meaning boss will respawn and only 30 minutes later the map will show as alive or the world info will change to alive, meaning people actually camping the raidboss will have a 30 minute window to kill it, before it will show to everyone that boss is alive. After server restart, all bosses will be displayed as dead. NEW QUESTS GEARED FOR PROGRESS Geared for progress - 1 time quest - solo - 41+ - Strix This quest was made to be basically a analog of the Moon Knight Quest but for c grade instead of d grade After completing this quest players will be awarded with: C grade set (working similar way as moon knight sets) C grade newbie weapon ticket (trade on nostalgia for a time limited low C grade weapon) 3000 c grade soulshot 1000 c grade blesses spiritshot SET STATS HEAVY Apella Helmet - pdef 45 Apella plate armor - pdef 200 Apella Gauntlets - pdef 32 Apella Solleret - pdef 32 4 pieces set bonus: HP recovery bonus 5%, Max HP +200, p def +5%, m def +5%. LIGHT Helmet is same one. Apella Brigandine - pdef 146 Apella Leather Gloves - pdef 28 Apella Boots - pdef 28 4 pieces set bonus: MP recovery Bonus 5%, p evasion +5, p attack +4%. ROBE Helmet is same one Apella Doublet - change mp increase to 500, pdef 90 Apella Silk Goves - pdef 22 Apella Sandals - pdef 22 4 pieces set bonus: MP Recovery bonus 10%, Casting Speed +5%, M attack + 5% AS WE WANTED TO GO ON ANOTHER TRIP BY NOSTALGIA LANE, THIS ARMORS WILL HAVE THE SAME SKIN AS THE APELLA SETS TOSS A COIN TO YOUR... HUNTER Toss a coin to your... Hunter - repeatable - party/solo - 76 - Helena Basic repeatable quest, Master Hunter Helena asks you to bring her some items they can use to make new weapons for future expeditions and tells you it will pay you for every 1000 of this items. Reward - 30 Daily Coins. NEW SYSTEMS People do not play together forever... people dont like each other forever... people doesnt always play forever... This is something that will always happen and more often then not we have people coming to us with the situation similar to "hi, we played together in CP for 100 years but now one guy wants to leave and he has epics but we dont want to leave him without anything and we also dont want to lose the epics can you please break that core 3 so we can give the guy one core 2 and keep another core 2 in CP?" or the good old famous "we splitting clan, can you help us downgrade some epics so we can leave no one crying" Due to all this, we decided to insert this system into the game it self. This is a double focus system that will not only cover the problem mentioned before but also create another possible adena dump situation. When you talk to Baggings there will be a new option to "Downgrade Rare Accessories" In this option you can bring Baggins a leveled up accessory and he will trade it for a box containing 2 accessories of the ranking before EX: Bring baium level 3 - Baggins will trade you a box contaning 2x baium lvl 2. GHOSTS OF THE FUTURE While hunting monsters in the following locations, theres a chance a new monster will spawn after killing the monsters in the area. This new monster will give no drops, This monster will have increased HP This monster will give 3x exp/sp from normal monsters in the area. Affected zones: Sea of Spores Outlaw Forest Plains of Glory Seal of Shilen Blazing Swamp OTHER CHANGES PRICES PUMP The following NPCs had their adena prices increased for most of their items in store. Olympiad manager Superspeed Potion adena increased to 50.000 Hero's Talisman - Attack 30-day adena increased to 2.000.000 Hero's Talisman - Defense 30-day adena increased to 2.000.000 Sealed Rune - Stage 1(1) adena increased to 150.000 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A-grade) adena increased to 7.000.000 Scroll: Enchant Armor (A-grade) adena increased to 900.000 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (B-grade) adena increased to 1.700.000 Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade) adena increased to 320.000 Spellbook Box - 3rd Class Transfer adena increased to 12.000.000 Baggins Enchanced queen Ant's Ring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Queen Ant's Ring adena increased to 20.000.000 Enchanced Ring of Core adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Ring of Core adena increased to 20.000.000 Enhanced Orfen's Earring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Orfen0s Earring adena increased to 20.000.000 Reinforced Baium's Ring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Baium's Ring adena increased to 20.000.000 Enhanced Zaken's Earring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Zaken's Earring adena increased to 20.000.000 Pona elemental stone Crystal d grade 6, gemstone d grade 3, adena 10.000 Cp potion adena 20.000 greater cp potion 100.000 Blue Talisman boxes 65.000 Grey talisman boxes 185.000 White Talisman Boxes 120.000 Yellow Talisman Boxes 350.000 PLAYER ITEM DROP Players will now have 50% less chance of droping items when dying to monsters if they are not on chaotic state (with karma) We got to a point where this mechanic no longer serves the propose it once did, and now it works more as a grieving mechanic or a reason/excuse for people to run from pvp cuz they dont want to die to a random mob in middle of the fight and drop 10bil worth of items. Situations with players on chaotic state did not change and everything works same way as before. ANTHARAS RAID ZONE From now on to enter on Antharas room you need to be part of a CC of at least 27 people.
  11. San0

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    @Daphiel when your tits will be chill you can pm me to unlock your forum account if you want. next time think twice before acusing server administrator of stupid sh1t just cuz you cant figure out how chances work or ycuz you are not as lucky as your friend in life. best regards.
  12. not happening any time soon.
  13. - FIXED Counter Ritual not giving m evasion - FIXED Power Ritual not giving cast speed - FIXED Pirate Fruit using a buff slot (on next restart) - REDUCED mana cost for prophet auras activation from 100 to 80 (requires client update to fix descriptions) - REDUCED mana cost for prophet auras maintain from 24/2 to 30/5 - INCREASED duration of Combat Thrills buff from 10sec to 15sec - Slightly increased chance for Combat Thrills activation.