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  1. cased was rulled as a scam with the evidence it was provided.
  2. case was closed, and we thank you for your suggestions, if we decided to change something we will.
  3. thank you for the suggestions and ideas. changes will be applied as planed and announced until further needs for other changes.
  4. San0


    - Fixed problm with sets passive sometimes not being removed after some pieces of gear are changed. - Added new message upon gate chant usage for party members being summoned to accept the teleport or not. - Removed Adena rewards from first class quests who were giving adena reward. This adena reward was now added to moon knight quest instead.
  5. San0

    Aghation soul ..

    you cant yet, item drops but its not yet possible to be used until agathion bracelets will be added to the server.
  6. Dear players! Tomorrow, December 31st, at 10-00 CET we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 15 minutes. After restart please update your client. Best regards, Classic Team
  7. yes, becuz mobs that exist droping gems A ask for you passport first. if you are not chinese they dont give gems A... now with sarcasm off, i would advice you to take a chill pill or a break for some days, for at least months, there isnt a single comment coming from you on forum or discord that is not in someway offensive for server or for the team and i'm honestly getting sick of it, so if you dont mind, i will ask you politely, please chill.
  9. no, the other mobs had their amount increased few weeks ago so newer people on server has a easier time farming some to progress their clans, while this addition is to not force high lvls to go to lower lvl zones on alt chars to get them, this way higher levels can still get some pob while farming their normal zones without having to go and swarm the lower level zones while low levels have this mobs free for them to advance their clans in a faster way without having the high levels farming the same monsters.
  10. whenever and if will come will work only for death from mob and not impact karma characters.
  11. we will have another restart shortly and those will be added for spoil.
  12. List of changes being applied to the server on 21.12.2020 BAIUM The following changes have been made to Baium in order to try to keep it relevant and somewhat challenging as well as to try to make it more PVP friendly. - Baium level has been increased to level 80 - Baium HP has been increase by about 2 times - Baium skill power has been slightly increased - Baium room and the zone immediately after the door is now PVP zone.* - Baium respawn window has been changed for a 8 hour window making so Baium spawn time now will be 5d +/- 4 hours. - Baium quest will now give 5 cloths instead of 1 cloth both on the 100 QI option or the 1000 QI option. * This is in test mode and will be analyzed to see what kind of behavior creates on the server, if we see it being good for server and creating more fun for the players we might consider using this same mechanics for other situations, if we see this is not positive for the server and its a unnecessary change we might consider removing it. PRIMEVAL ISLAND - Tyrannosaurus respawn time has been changed: Old spawn time from 2h to 6h. New spawn time from 2h to 4h. - Tyrannosaurus now will spawn only in the solo area. - Tyrannosaurus difficulty has been increased via increased debuff resistance, increased melee resistance and addition of 3 new skills. Damage Blow with heavy bleed effect Mass stun with armor decrease debuff Self buff with some seconds of increased p def, m def and reflect damage - Tyrannosaurus chance to drop fang has been increased to 20%. - When Tyrannosaurus spawns a on screen message will now be displayed to warn everyone in the island of its spawn. - When using escape skills or items within the island, the character will now be teleported to the beach region instead of to town. To leave Primeval Island, players will now have to talk with the NPC and use the teleport option to move out. - Daily quest from Strix can now be done in Primeval Island in a same form as GC: 1 item per mob on solo zone, 5 items per mob on group zone. Deynonichus are not included on the list of monsters that give this QIs. - Gate chant will no longer work while on the island territory. CLANS - Clans can now increase their level to lvl 6 * - Cost to level up clan from level 5 to level 6: 10kkSP on clan leader and 10000 Proof of Blood. - Level 6 clans will have 50 clan member slots. - 1 new clan skill will be added: Clan Death Deal (decreases EXP loss on death) Reduces exp loss upon death by 20%.cost 5000 CRPavailable for clan lvl 4 Reduces exp loss upon death by 35%.cost 7500 CRPavailable for clan lvl 5 Reduces exp loss upon death by 50%.cost 10000 CRPavailable for clan lvl 6 *Clans that are already level 6 tho there was no bonus or advantage about it will be deleved to level 5. OTHER CHANGES - Primeval talisman glow has been changed for one with more visual notice that will display on your mount when you transform to one. - A grade missing have been added. Majestic Heavy Armor rec - spoil on Carbonemys 1 Majestic Heavy Armor part - spoil on Sarcosuchus Commander 1 Nightmare Heavy Armor rec - spoil on Carbonemys 2 Nightmare Heavy Armor part - spoil on Sarcosuchus Commander 2 Branch of Mother Tree - spoil on Gamlin Dark Legion's Edge - spoil on Gamlin Dragon Grinder - spoil on Gamlin Soul Bow - spoil on Gamlin Soul Seperator - spoil on Gamlin Sword of Miracles - spoil on Gamlin - Giant Destroyer and Giant Marauder Hunter Destroyer have been removed. - Proof of Blood has been added to more monsters in higher levels. Chimera Piece - 5% chance Carbonemys - 20% chance - Fixed the text on the clan lvling window displaying the monsters where to get blood marks from that was misleading with only the original 3 monsters. - Daily 21:00 lvl 75 raid bosses from silent valley will no longer spawn every day at 21:00. This bosses will now work in a normal spawn pattern like other bosses with a 24h +/-12 respawn time. In a near future depending on how this changes will or not impact the server dynamics the experience from this bosses might get heavily decreased. Other bosses stay unchanged. This changes are for: Garriot Bathus Elbogen Daumen Kshana Overlord Muscel Varbasion Varmoni This is a part 1 of a balance patch that was supposed to be released somewhere in January but to allow me to focus more time on the class balancing features and changes, and due to some of latest server dynamics, opted to get this not class balance related part out of the way. With this also try to incentive pvp by offering players a option to have less to lose when they die and forcing the fight on a big objective like Baium. Players will now have a easier time finishing Baium quest meaning they can use them more often to go inside Baium room more often to try to fight for it more often without having to worry so much about spending next 4 months farming quest items for next Baium. By allowing clans to have more slots, they can now increase their ranks with more players in main clans that will have access to full skills and hero skills while on pvp, also more people will be able to share the spoils of having a CH or a castle due to fact they are inside of main clans instead of box alt clans. It was pointed out at some point also that on high levels people have hard time going for a PVP unless its a sure win or if they are inside of a farm zone due to the fact EXP loss was heavy after certain levels and the fear of droping something worth billions by dying to a monster in middle of a random fight, due to this, and to help with some other situations, the new clan skill was added now for EXP loss and another one will be added in future for item loss, clans now will have the option to pursue this clan skills, so they can have more freedom on PVP without such fear of too high EXP loss as well as decreasing the probability of losing billions worth of items. We hope this is one step on the good direction and will direct the groups who are more scared of both exp loss and item loss to start joining the fights more often making it more interesting for everyone in the later stages of the game. As for the lvl 75 bosses changes, we are not happy with having people who get their way up to 70ish + lvl and after this moment they log at 20:50 join a party for bosses and then after log off and go do something else, and still gets a good chunk of exp for the day. So with this time changing we are removing the option of a SURE daily exp cuz from now on they might get it in time but they might lose it also and by this forcing people to try to progress the old way, by farming. There's is plenty of zones players can farm now a days, there is almost no excuses why players should not be able to farm normally in one of them. As mentioned before, if this change wont be enough to change the dynamics of the server, in a near future this bosses experience will be heavily reduced.