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  1. who knows, maybe you will even get me to sing some of them
  2. added a song request chat on discord, you guys can request songs there by posting a link for a youtube video and we will be playing those requested songs during the stream. note that songs of bad tone or containing offensive content might be ignored. start preparing our night stream playlist boys and girls.
  3. have some extra works and some RL stuff to take care today so moving stream for a night session, should start somewhere around 21h my time, its now 14h44m my time.
  4. done for today, cya tomorrow at same time. thank you all for joining. session 3 lvl 32 - 0.54% 484.989 adena and we still didnt do anything with the event scrolls. fishy fishy time.
  5. starting in roughly 20 minutes.
  6. done for one more session, thank you again to everyone. tomorrow at same time. session 2 moon knight quest done - armor and weapon D on, and the lovely fairy agathion for some back up. lv28 - 54.20% 298.063 adena and we still didnt do anything with the event scrolls. back to fishing for now.
  7. starting in about 20 minutes
  8. session 1 is over. char lvl - 25 - 0.26% Adena - 93.003 thank you for joining, tomorrow possibly at same time. char is now fishing for the night to feed the family tomorrow.
  9. starting in roughly 30 minutes.
  10. tomorrow afternoon. wanted to start today but had some stuff to take care of so ill start tomorrow somewhere during mid afternoon. ill announce it both on stream section and on discord when i start.
  11. exception from human warrior i have never played a male char in this game... once i tried, i made my lovely BD a male to be different since i played female all time before, at lvl 77 or 78 or what it was, i rerolled to a female BD this was back on gracia i think.
  12. final poll for class can be found here that poll will close tomorrow at end of night.
  13. as it was chosen on so shall i play a stabby thingy. the daggers took the win on the role vote, now time for the class. remembering the set of rules: - ALL GAMEPLAY NEEDS TO BE STREAMED. from the first moment char is created untill "challenge" is completed it has to be done on stream. this is both to ensure that all is legit and to avoid ideas later that i did any shenanigans with admin stuff. - OBVIOUSLY NO ADMIN COMMANDS. - YOU GUYS PICK WHAT CLASS I NEED TO PLAY. we make poll or something and let you guys decide what class i should be doing the challenge on. - NO BOX. The class its chosen is the only char i will have logged. - NO BOSS SPAM. a boss here or a boss there is ok but main focus would be hard core old school grinding. - NO DONATION OPTIONS ALLOWED. This means, no auction house, no buying COL to sell for adena in game etc. wtv i get in game needs to be obtained in game without out of game interference. - CHALLENGE IS COMPLETE AFTER PURCHASE OF FIRST 3rd CLASS SKILL BOOK. Guess its a good and maybe hard way to finish it depending on class you guys choose. - WHILE NOT PLAYING CHARACTER WILL BE LEFT TO FISH. Char will stay there, everyone will be able to see its not being abused somewhere and i would need to restock on fish for stews for next day farm. Also its free exp that every new player should use as much as they can. - NO PARTY MATCHING CREATION ALLOWED. can only use party matching to join already existent groups. - NO BABY SITTING ALLOWED. can beg for buffs from friendly buffer in town but cannot allow people to constantly run after me with their chars/boxes giving me full buffs constantly - CANNOT BUY EXP - NO ACCEPTING ITEMS OR ADENA FROM OTHER PLAYERS. whatever i need i gotta get it myself or buy it with adena farmed by myself or with other items obtained by myself.