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  1. 4 timers were set as they are back on the days by choice. is not a bug.
  2. San0


    - Auto Cycling Macros have now been completely disabled. Note: Client update required to be able to log in game after restart.
  3. we find it necessary there for will stay there till the moment people stop having troubles with this situation, ty for your concerns and suggestions.
  4. in case people have trouble identifying it, this is sarcasm. 1 bcuz sometimes people think you change a number here and a number there and its done. what is wrong. (example, changing the mage nukes power was a kind of change some few stuff and links here and there and got fixed next day after it was reported basically, while stuff like sonic rage and raging force require a lot of effects and formulas to be identified and excluded/included/modified in a way that will isolate the problem to then try to make that the problm doesnt happen making so the solution will affect only this singular problm and not interfere in anything else. and it takes lot of time to be all done without delays happening from server stability sides or our real life, when half of the world is going to sh1t and people get problms it takes even longer) 2 bcuz sometimes somethings gets in front of it like for example when server stability problms appear like the ones happening for like a month and half till 2 weeks ago where most of the time was spent working to figure out why server was having so many npc and timers and crash problms. 3 bcuz sometimes as human being also have stuff that they need to take care on real life where problms also happen and in a team of few people, if one guy needs to take some weeks off cuz he have some sick relative or something it delays all processes and makes them pile up delaying all further processes and on and on and on. 4 bcuz we dont have to work only on investigation/fixes/tests/events/community managing/support/pep talks/insert other roles here, but also on improving stability, working with possible new clients, figuring out new updates content, figuring out new updates processes, figuring out what can we do on balancing matters, etc etc etc but i guess sitting playing computer games and talking random stuff about server admins life or work is also a good gig, should have picked that line of work instead. (this isnt directed to the people that report many bugs and many tests and are actually trying to make the server improve, more for those that just prefer to trash talk)
  5. i've been only sipping on martinis at the Bahamas this past 5 years.
  6. hoping its a troll post and the word hardcore still means something
  7. San0


    - Fixed Dance of protection to reduce damage from reflect caused by any source instead of reducing damage from reflect from auto attacks only. - Fixed glow from enchanted sets not displaying when players go into transformation stance. - Fixed some problms with some of the not working missions such as olympiad related ones etc.. - Fixed Hero talisman - defense to not avoid beneficial effects (if you find some specific skill still being avoided please let us know) - Fixed over enchanted A grade weapons providing the char with more stats then intended. - Fixed Critical Wound skill debuff to the blow landing chance on targets affected by this debuff. - Some adjustments were made to try to prevent timers errors and the server crashes. We hope with this changes problms such as 21:00 bosses not spawning, zaken island time not changing and so on will be corrected.
  9. thats how most of quests work on classic as far as i know.
  10. San0


    - Fixed necro not being able to put silence/doom in a target if that target was affected by fear.
  11. con does not give stun resist. str gives crit on some skills (exemple double crit chance on backstab) men does not increase fear resistance.
  12. not on the up close nearest future updates i believe, about later updates we will see when we get there.
  13. shield stun does not do any damage in this version of classic.