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  1. San0

    adena sellers

    and then they will spam on normal chat and you are going to complain how all the normal chat is flooded with messages same way you are now complaining about the PMs.
  2. San0

    adena sellers

    those limitations exist on TI and will exist again on DION. you just cant have a new server opening where people cant talk to each other until they are lvl 20+ and wtv else. its not viable for a server opening. eventually when theres less people on lower levels limitations will start being risen same way they were on talking island. if you believe that some how this gonna stop them from existing then rethink it cuz it will not. any game or even any server with a somewhat decent amount of population where theres a trade currency you gonna have RMT sites making business on it.
  3. Maintenance time moved to 13:00 CET
  4. San0


    DION & TI - Fixed players not flagging when leaving the combat zones from Orfen, Core and QA.
  5. hunt for black lion quest no longer has this requirements in classic.
  6. what happens when he presses the option there?
  7. San0

    lf info

    no and no, both of them are on future patches
  8. you can download only dion updater and run it to convert your TI folder to Dion folder. ( please delete system folder before you start updater )
  9. no shield bash in this patch
  10. you can have multiple game accounts in same master acount, log on website go to your panel and click the options create game account. to have a premium account you need to purchase the premium account item in game from NPC nostalgia and then activate it on the same NPC. Note that the extra bonus from premium account (rune, scrolls, temporary hat) are only available to the char where you activate the account.
  11. if your payment is being rejected, it is being rejected by the payment method, not by us, so its not something we can fix, cuz its not a problm on our side but somewhere in the relation with your card/bank/country with the payment system being used.
  12. on talking island we have the epics high level so guards were also high lvl, in dion we had corrected the epics to their original level but not the guards. so now they have their original levels.
  13. San0

    About Death Penalty

    those were the rules on NCWEST classic wich was not very precise on the classic we got from korea, russia or europe. in all the other 3 you were droping items when you die to a mob. in here you will also have a chance of droping items when you die to mob even without karma. so to clarify. - you lose 4 % exp on death (reduced by stuff like clan wars and death deal certificates etc) - you can drop items while dying to a mob even if not in chaotic state - you will drop items on chaotic state if you have 4 or more PK count.
  14. - Fixed the level of epic guards and minions. - Fixed damage on core platform. - Removed quest Gear for Progress from Strix. - Removed the following monsters who dont belong on 1.5: Fiery Ifrit Ikedit Swampland Watchman Flame Drake Ghost of Solitude Spirit of Drowned Soul of Cold Spirit of Cold Fiend of Cold Guardian of Forbidden Knowledge Keeper of the Holy Edict Earth Guardian Harit - Fixed monster not droping quest items for quests Rancher's Plea and Gatekeeper's Offering. - Added Ivory tower Gatekeeper option to port ouside.