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  1. San0

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    post turned into total off topic there for is now locked.
  2. San0

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    offline shops do not count as online as they are OFFline shops. and this is exactly the reason why having a counter on main site makes no difference
  3. San0

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    Different IPs dont tell me shit cause my IP logs every day for 5 min to take chest for daily coins and then logs off. thats not ips who log on server per X amount of time. thats IPs connected now.
  4. San0

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    we give to people at least 3 legal ways to achieve a decent gear and some amount of adena. people can buy stuff that other players have on auction or they can buy cols transfer them to game and make some adena out of it or they can buy cols and trade with player for items, all of this while supporting the server they play on for so long. even so, this same people who plays on server for years and knows how server works, chooses to instead break the server rules and go out for the RMT shops. if you ask me personally, even if the 100 player bullshit would be true, i would still ban them. for all the few people server dying bandwagon thats ips so yeah theres a bit more then 100 people on the server. what pisses me off the most is that isnt new players caught on that sh1t so your arguments are completely invalid... its old players. some of them with the server for almost 4 years. many of those chars are lvl 78 and 79. people who play here since ever, know the rules, know how we think about this kind of stuff, and still choose to do it.
  5. San0

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    becuz logs. its all matter of time, will and caring about it. its a huge work... it takes loads of time patience and brain sanity... but theres basicly nothing that cannot be found on logs.
  6. San0

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    and thats why deals involved those items are rolled back, in this situation player who bought the weapon with adena would get back the adena he paid for the weapon and so on. as mentioned on the original topic.
  7. San0

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    no one hacked admin accounts nor would that be possible since admin accounts can only be logged from specific computers, for example i can log in game with my admin account from my main PC but cant do it from laptop or other pcs.
  8. After a very long and tiresome investigation over a huge RMT organisation found, we managed to narrow it down to the people involved and take the appropriated actions. Wanna give a special shout out for everyone who reported weird stuff that turned us into the right direction and helped us uncover this whole situation and punish the people involved. All items involved on this deals have been removed from the game. All deals involving this items have been rolled back to not hurt real players who were not involved but happen to acquire this items by legal trades or purchases. Here is now the full wall of shame for the people who wasted tons of money (in some cases i believe in the thousands) in a private lineage 2 server just to lose it all over a week. AlexanderBR Elky Crazovey Dworny Rayan0 SpoliadorDeAlmas Orckbane ThundersBD JulliusBr Decker IIArtoryusII LastHope AbsoluteDarkness OrelhaDePorco Zarakii Gattis DarckMira iGhost DrDestino Hillary666 FearLessWl OpsFuk PaLaZ Nezabijac Shortik Bellatrix RevShop Trubiroh Kravina Mujo iBolDog Zaika9 Wa1ker Pipenov JAkoJAKO Demfi SzafirVC zamzom V0X dati lMinMin tadi BongJa BlackStab FreshPrince Urzaf Nuwa MF01 Lign2 king12 CK11 Tmax TeamSpeak OpsSht Que3n NuRo Pisti QuickDeath Kakam Garma wtbxwts Tulwi manigga SpellRefresh RoolBack FantaShot GotU MosaiC Nirva Gargo Nervo BillyRay Bloodys Hongana Galef NedbeN Gizo Geshenk Shivu r3do Lukne Lukneris Wilam Debox Conscious HeavensSake iMax Excremen penispump1940 mercury909 Penrose Kakuka Silver Faker RaidingHorse Vlado Rivice opasna Grammy Madcaw pikavea Buffyaris Kilimanjarox Saxofo Blo Meskita Piara dvvorny KarmenTabora GrubaseKx FazaN Tymvir Velenir Xarme Heseus Halinka ELITHA Xantis Newguyez HKHKHK iFazaN Teasy Thera From the list above the following ones are permanently banned from the server due to repetitive offenses or due to their level of involvement in the situation, and cannot be unbanned in any circumstances together with any items remaining in this accounts Crazovey Dworny SpoliadorDeAlmas PaLaZ OpsSht Pipenov MF01 Lign2 king12 CK11 TeamSpeak Que3n wtbxwts Bloodys NedbeN Tymvir Velenir Thera Once again we ask you to not get yourself involved in any kind of RMT deals if you dont want to at some point face the consequences of this acts. We do not allow this kind of actions and in any form or shape take this offences lightly. It is an unfair behavior both against other players and against the server administration who works hard and tirelessly to provide you with the best server it is possible for us to provide, just to see you throwing away business to illegal deals supporting this companies instead of supporting the server itself. Best regards. Team.
  9. San0

    Can you fix RB bug's once and for all?

    It is not a bug. Up to antharas patch on official you could also pull bosses away all the map. About the change for it we are still considering the possibility of adding this change on zaken instead of waiting until antharas.
  10. San0

    bsoe / mounting casting

    some changes made on obt, lemme know how it feels now both for mount skills and bsoes if everything is correct i think i might be able to pull this fixes for live also.
  11. San0

    bsoe / mounting casting

    you guys are right about the bsoe but the skill cast for riding time is exactly same as on official, only difference is the lack of a casting bar. its a 1 sec cast to ride and 2.5 to unride + the descriptions are the base ones from antharas official client, so unless they fuked it up its 1 sec cast for ride and 2.5 for unride. any chance this was changed later? from the video it does feel like more then a second but acording to the antharas client its should be 1 sec for cast. and just becuz the cast bar doesnt exist it doesnt mean it doesnt have a cast. wiki says 1 sec hit time also even more updated versions, so 2 options here: 1 we are being affected by optical illusion of not having a cast bar 2 some stat is affecting the cast of that specific skill
  12. San0

    bsoe / mounting casting

    i might be tripping on something but i just spent 10 minutes spamming bsoes and watching the video and i still failed to find a difference between both situations. click bsoe, animation pops, mid end of animation character pops. "fruit.... fruit. tits..... tits. plant....... plant. its the same fokin thing"
  13. San0

    Infinity dagger bug

    it should be working normaly after next restart on live also.
  14. San0

    Infinity dagger bug

    some changes about this on zaken server, if you guys have the time take a look and feedmyback