Sense for Business

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Name: Sense for Business
Level: 21+
Type: Repeatable
Start NPC: Sarien
Start Location: Wasteland / Gludio Territory
Class: Any
Race: Any
Tips: Adena x10 reward very high (solo quest)
Reward: Monster Eye's Meat SQKpjMp.jpg 20 adenattoD99x.jpg each
               Basilisk's Gizzard khraoNV.jpg 20 adena
ttoD99x.jpg each
               Monster Eye's Lens mYTYd88.jpg 100 adena
ttoD99x.jpg each

1. Quest start when you teleport form Gludio/Gludin gatekeeper to Southern Entrance to Wasteland. NPC to talk to is Grocer Sarien.



2. Sarien will ask you to hunt: Monster Eye Watcher, Monster Eye Destroyer, Lesser Basilisk and Basilisk









3. Return to Sarien tocollect reward.



This is not one of the best quest you will want to focus on. Although quest multiplier is high, base adena reward is really low. Benefits this quest gives are a high rate of drop for D grade jewlery and it can be done "on the way" while trying to spoil SSD recipe from Basilisk. Monster Eye Watchman and Monster Eye Destroyer are good farming mobs for high m.deff characters since their m.atk is very low, so it is good for leveling low dps tanks, buffers and support characters.

NOTE: This quest is best doing in a combination with the quest Vanquish Remnants where you can hunt Monster Eye Watcher, Ol Mahum Commander and Ol Mahum Shooter at the Ol Mahum Checkpoint location



And do not by any means use blunt weapon on the Rogue after level 25 :)

Video link:


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