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How to create Master account and Game Accounts

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Dear players!

In this tutorial we showed how to download the Client

Now let's talk about registration and account creation

1. On the main website bar press SIGNUP


2. Fill all required fields and press SIGN UP

Please, remember, that since the account will be connected to Master Account, you won't be able to change your email later. With fake email some functions won't be available for you.


3. If everything is filled correctly, your account will be registered


4. Along with registration the file, called Lineage2Classic.txt will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

This file contain your registration information. We advise you to save it in case you will forget any of the information.



Now your account registered and you can log in to the website by pressing LOGIN



Fill all the fields and press LOG IN



Welcome to your Account Manager




Now you have your Account Manager and 1 Game account

If you need more game accounts, you can create up to 9 more game accounts on the same Master account

To do so press Create game account button




Enter all required information and press "Create game account"



Now you have 2 game accounts



You can keep going till you have total of 10 game accounts.


Best regards,
Classic Team

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