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How to report a bot to get reward

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Dear friends!

To help the server staff fighting with players, who are not following fair play principle of the game, we have rewards system for reporting such players.

The reward is a part of Adena / resources / pieces from the banned bot user. It s not including armor/weapons/jewelry or other full items!

All reports should be submitted only in the Support Center (Tickets system on the website) in the following form.

Report form:
1) Date and time of bot detection
2) Location
3) Nicks of botting characters
4) The reference to video proofs (upload on YouTube or other web hosting, Video should be at least 2-3 minutes long with 720p + quality) where bot actions can be clearly seen.

All reports are strictly anonymous. 

Reports, submitted in any other way - on forum/discord or to Admins in PMs, are not a subject of a reward.

If the report was made without providing any of required information, you will not be able to receive the reward.

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