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Baium 06.10 situation

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Dear players

As many of you might know, Baium fight on October, 6 led to many sad events.

Let us tell everyone the whole story and we will start with why did PVP zone on Baium was installed on December of 2020:

PVP zone was made to put all players in equal conditions, where the strongest wins. For game to be competitive and fair.

On October, 6 PVP zone got bugged and did not appeared.

This bug was noticed and abused. Specifically - after losing first fight and figuring out that PVP zone is not on, one of the fighting sides intentionally cancelled the war to gain an advantage in the fight by not allowing enemies defend the boss. The core idea of PVP zone existence was broken.

Why it was considered a bug abuse:

The side, which cancelled the war after figuring out the zone is bugged, intentionally turned originally fair fight (enemy alliance vs enemy alliance) into 1 sided war, where 1 of the sides, in order to continue to fight, was forced to PK opponents, which could lead to items drop and their loss in favor to alliance, who cancelled the war. Plus, main objective - Baium - was no longer reachable to second alliance when first refused to fight.

It was exactly an action, which led to installation of  PVP zone on Baium (and later on Zaken).

The only right solution in this situation was to continue fighting without canceling the war. 

What was the punishment:

Drop from the Boss was removed. Alliance Leader, who is the person responsible for such decision, was banned.
It was not only drop removal, but ban as well, because only drop removal wouldn't make it up for second side losing a chance to get that drop at the first place. 

What would happen if one of the sides had war cancelled before finding out there is no PVP zone:

Nothing. This way we couldn't consider actions of that alliance intentional and there wouldn't be any punishment / involvement from our side. Because in this way it would be on us only.

What is being done to prevent such situations in the future:

  1. On October, 11 we added new additional PVP zone on Baium room. First is original Lineage 2 function. Second is a custom zone added on top of default one, so if one will fail, second would work as a backup
  2. We have invited another reverse engineer to make 3rd check-up for the PVP zone.
  3. We are now making that post, so everyone can read it, and understand where facing the bug turns into abusing the bug, to know how to act or not in any similar situation, because everyone should remember about rule 1.3 of Project rules, which says - you can't use bugs in your advantage.

We do not take off our responsibility for bug appearance and want to apologize to all players affected by it.
We do our best for such bugs to not happen again, as well as we hope, our players will follow "Play fair" principle while playing on our project.


To make our review of the situation more visible and understood, it will be translated to multiple languages 


Best regards,
Classic Team

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