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  1. https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/23893-how-to-report-a-bot-to-get-reward/ You can also report via "Contact us" in right bottom corner or discord PM to any admin.
  2. Koll

    WTS CLAN 6lv

    You can do it with Adena or CoL, but you can't sell Clan leader char with it. So you have to invite buyer in Clan, then transfer Clan leader on buyer.
  3. Koll

    game crash

    Hello. At what stage you having this issue?
  4. Make it 2-3 times, get all your accs banned permanently.
  5. Hello. Record video is 5 min, upload it on Youtube in 2020 is 2 min, post in ticket another 2 min. Profit... You will get most of the resources + most of the adena that char had at time of ban. We are not forcing you to search them, you can just level your char and if find someone suspecious make video, but we have people who is doing it everyday for few hours just to get reward from people they reporting. Also this whole feature started from "November 4, 2015" ( https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/3531-banunban-politics/?do=findComment&comment=32768 )
  6. Koll

    Gift of Lies

    1) 1 per e-mail 2) Limitless 3) You can put it in WH
  7. Koll

    Gift of Lies

    Hello. Char name? And maybe you have old patch?
  8. Protection inform us only if it find bot process, so you are safe.
  9. Hello. Yes. It's part of the protection. Client randomly checking every started program for bot.
  10. Hello. We can remind you e-mail, contact us via window down right corner.
  11. Hello. Glad it helped, but you need to login on web with same info that you trying to login in game, MA pass ( e-mail + pass ) can be different from ingame acc pass ( login + pass ).
  12. Will try to push it with Monday restart, if everything working right.