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  1. Please upload it somewhere ( for example imgur.com ) and add link.
  2. Hello. Please contact me via "Contact us!" in a right bottom corner on a forum.
  3. Hello. Can you send screen please.
  4. Koll

    critical error

    What updater you used, and also give me path to a game.
  5. Koll

    critical error

    Uninstall and reinstall Visual C++
  6. Koll

    critical error

    Send me dmp please and make screen of error.
  7. Koll

    critical error

    Yes, after it try to launch game.
  8. Koll

    critical error

    Create new folder, copy our updater there and start it.
  9. Koll

    critical error

    This is not game crit - you copied dmp file information. Can you try to open client, get crit and make screen? Like this: Or "Copy Text"
  10. Koll

    Test server is available

    We will announce it.
  11. Koll

    critical error

    Hello. Please Copy text of your error or make screen of it ( with "History" information ).
  12. Koll

    Test server is available

    Test server will be unavailable for few days.