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  1. Koll

    Report bot

    1) They get ban after video + you get reward 2) We have active GMs via skype/discord and you can report there 3) We have section on forum
  2. Koll

    Report bot

  3. Koll

    Baium bug Drops

    There are 2 groups of Penalties: 1) Normal mobs penalty, which is: https://prnt.sc/k65zki 2) Raid bosses penalty. Ant Queen/Core/Orfen/Baium are in Raid bosses group, as all other raid bosses.
  4. Koll

    About the elephant in the room...

    Hello. We working on it. This is main priority task for tech specialist.
  5. Koll

    Testimony of Life quest bugged

    You can login, try now.
  6. Koll

    Event - Tigers Hunt!

    Event end at Friday, NPC stay till Monday. You can't trade them already.
  7. Koll

    Testimony of Life quest bugged

    Send screen of opened quest window.
  8. Koll

    Testimony of Life quest bugged

    Also you can contact me via skype: koll.classic
  9. Koll

    Testimony of Life quest bugged

    Try to delete 1 of each item type, drop again and talk with NPC.
  10. Koll

    Testimony of Life quest bugged

    Hello. Char name?
  11. Koll

    RMT report

    Both banned, thx for report.
  12. Koll

    Event - Tigers Hunt!

  13. Koll

    RMT report

    both banned, thx for report.
  14. Koll

    Problems to login in game

    Try now