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  1. Koll

    problems with auction

    Added, if need to remove - contact them via skype: events.classic or via ticket.
  2. Koll

    problems with auction

    You want supports to install it or remove? Because right now I'm talking with them about installing it, but maybe you changed your mind about it.
  3. Koll

    problems with auction

    Yes, I see it. It was installed 3 days ago. Talking right now with supports if they finished or what status right now.
  4. Koll

    problems with auction

    Hello. You need to contact supports via skype: events.classic or via ticket to remove item from auction. About 5 days waiting, can you give me item name so I can check?
  5. Koll

    Dark Elf Wizzard first class transfer help.

    Hello. 1) Based on l2wiki you need Zombie Forest Elf https://l2wiki.com/classic/Path_of_the_Dark_Wizard 2) Don't 1shot mobs. Try to kill them with 3-4 hits.
  6. Koll

    Event "Lost Pirates Map"

    Will be made after next restart.
  7. Koll

    admin rules check pls

    Hello. You can.
  8. Koll

    Level vs Drop

  9. Koll


    Hello. Contact supports via ticket or skype: events.classic
  10. Based on tests and this topics: https://4gameforum.com/threads/501397/page-2 Right now for example: Bishop level 40 with 28 WIT res there with 39% recovery ( 4%/100*39%=1.56% ), on our server it's 1.54% Another exaple EE with skill 50% and WIT 26 res there with 61% recovery ( 4%/100*61%=2.44% ), on our server it's 2.42%. I will ask to check, but not main priority.
  11. Koll

    Help pls, log in problem.

    Hello. Char name? Also try to delete file: T_24_20.utx from Textures folder and start updater.
  12. Koll

    logging in problem

    Hello. Contact me via skype: koll.classic
  13. Koll

    event box! admin!

    Hello. If item doesn't have timer or information about timer - item is permanent and won't be removed.
  14. Koll

    clan skills

    Yes, it must cost it. https://eu.4game.com/lineage2classic/play/saviors/ http://prntscr.com/lnjqq9
  15. Koll

    Help me

    Hello. You can try this: Enter login + pass, choose other ingame proxy when you trying to login. ( If you will choose for example USA that you can't connect and then choose another - it won't work, because your connection will stuck on USA and will be waiting for the responce, so each time you trying to login using another ingame proxy - you have to logout and then enter login + pass again ). Or contact me via skype: koll.classic.