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  1. Koll

    NPC Lorain

    Hello. Check now.
  2. Koll


    Hello. 3d secure is mandatory in order to prevent people scamming money from cards ( by paying for services with scammed cards ). You can connect your card to a PayPal and make direct donation.
  3. Koll


    Hello. Paypal will be active close to Tuesday. What issues you are having with Unitpay and Payssion?
  4. Hello. You can try to copy client from 2nd PC on 1st one.
  5. Koll

    Easter Event 2021

    Higher mobs level - higher drop chance.
  6. You can post in topic that today you will have Giveaway, that might bring people to your stream.
  7. PM means private message ( click on Kse nick and there will be "Message" ). It made like this, so people won't spam that topic about reward.
  8. Hello. 1) When we were making Starting Pack, we were thinking about adding 7 days PA, but at the same time, we thought it can discourage people, because after these 7 days, they will be obligated to buy it again in order to play with both chars they made. About topic - we have it: https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/22220-it-was-never-so-easy-to-join-l2classicclub/ 2) We are thinking how to help newbies and encourage them to start and climb to a level of old players, I can't announce anything specific yet, but this question is under our current discussion. 3) We have a team that works on our advertisement. Based on statistics: conversion from sites you listed is small and not worth the money you have to pay. So currently we are spending most of our advertisement budget on the most beneficial ones, such as Google ADS, Bing, Yahoo. But as always, if players have ideas - please, share them with us.
  9. Hello. Server working, login working. Please contact me via "Contact us!" in right bottom corner.
  10. https://youtu.be/fNEyBXi7Bxc
  11. Please upload it somewhere ( for example imgur.com ) and add link.
  12. Hello. Please contact me via "Contact us!" in a right bottom corner on a forum.