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  1. Hello. https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/22340-devils-isle-npcs-cursed-vs-notcursed/ Only 1 NPC is out of curse each day. https://prnt.sc/v6y3vd
  2. You didn't talked to NPC Arkenia, that's why you can't collect items from this mobs. https://prnt.sc/v6gany This item you must have, only with it you can drop items from mobs ( you getting it by talking with https://prnt.sc/v6gb4p )
  3. AI won't count it as a kill if you just 1 shot him. So you need to kill mobs in 2 hits or more.
  4. Hello. If you 1shot them - they won't drop item.
  5. Hello. Player was banned. He can be unbanned for free 1st time after supports explain him that he can't sit there.
  6. Hello. There was some issue with Linux support on old client, so at the end we can't guarantly that support and don't want to lie about it.
  7. 1 items added on your char.
  8. Adena increasing x2 on the server side, before it drops. Same happening with EXP/SP.
  9. Hello. Can you give me an example?
  10. Koll


    Main idea is for you to find a Clan/Party after this 60 days and play together.
  11. Koll


    Hello. Non of the agathions in Nostalgia NPC have any skills. They are just for a visuals.
  12. Hello. Please contact me via "Contact us!" chat in right bottom corner.