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  1. Koll

    Lag at night in Argentina

    Last our test with people who reported this problem showed that problem doesn't exist anymore, guess need to check again.
  2. Koll

    problem with email

    Hello. You can contact supports about this problem via skype: events.classic or via ticket
  3. Koll


    If supports don't have list of items, don't have logs approving that item was deleted, don't have screen from logs on ticket that items was deleted - they won't be able to return.
  4. Koll

    chat system keyword filtering

    After they will see that right name was hidden by *** and will just use "space" between letters.
  5. Koll


    Ok, ok, will ban San0.
  6. Koll

    Cant connect with hotspot

    check if all ports opened.
  7. Koll


    Ban who? IP/HWID not related to anyone one server.
  8. Koll


    Here the thing, at Dec. 2th, Korean asked our leader to transfer clan leader to them, then ´╗┐changed clan's leader password.
  9. Koll


    If there was no written conditions - we can't do anything. It was free will to transfer.
  10. Koll


    I don't remember case, remind me.
  11. Koll


    Same when epic was returned to Clan leader for Perkunas if I right remember.
  12. Koll


    It's not first time. Also we are not changing rule for 1 person.
  13. Koll


    One or two days ago.
  14. Koll


    Create ticket, if supports will be able to find logs - they will give it back. Rule was changed as I mentioned.