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  1. Thx, will fix.Book will be removed from you
  2. Hello. Please check topic you created, because everything is working.
  3. Koll

    new progress

    Hello. I see ticket on your char and Apella set gives bonus: https://gyazo.com/f8dd2cd416dd9a30e97671a9d6ccd45d What patch you are using?
  4. I don't see reasoning from you, just "it's part of that game". Autobot currently is also part of the same game, it doesn't make it better.
  5. Check now. We don't support skype anymore.
  6. Hello. Regarding drop from mobs: This is original Classic system. It is part of classic and this system can be interesting, but not in a way people interact with it right now. High levels bring packs of mobs and drop them on a newbies in order to get something from them. People creating daggers only with this intend. We also think that it's affect PvP because people are scared to drop items and better use bsoe than fight. But because, after we remove this system, we won't bring it back, we decided to consider it again. In order to see if this system still have any potential ( maybe with some changes in how it works ) or we must remove it, because people will continue abuse it.
  7. Hello. Updater have selfdownload function that some antiviruses mark as virus.
  8. Koll

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    Hello. Please stop ignoring other people stat, please stop ignoring fact that I gave you everything that you asked, at same time from you I didn't get anything, please stop ignoring that I asked you nick to post your stat. You can't, by looking at code, predetermine what outcome will be. Code is requesting PC to give you random number, if number 1-66 outcome is 1 ( enchant success ), if number is 67-100 outcome is 0 ( enchant failed ). If something is not in code - you can't predict anything. If code doesn't have information that it must change chance based on time of a day - it won't, unless you watched too many movies. And another reminder. This is event, not an main content, it's up to you to participate in it or not, it was up to us to post chances or not, we decided to post + made screen + showed stats in order to show that we are not lying about them. So waiting for your char name, to post your "rigged by me" stat.
  9. Koll

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    Small: got = 14236 Med: got = 1567, me = 1 Big: got = 207, me = 5 Stage 2-5 = small box Stage 6-10 = med box Stage 11-16 = big box Got to +2 ( including people got to +6 and +11 later ) = 29844(144 me)-14236(traded) = 15608 continued Got to +6 ( including people got to +11 later ) = 4137(45 me)-1567(traded) = 2570 continued Got to +11 = 242(9 me)-207 = 35 continued Chance to get from 2 to 6: 2>3 = 80%, 3>4 = 64%, 4>5 = 42.2%, 5>6 = 27,8%, 29844/100*18.3 = ~4339 ( from 2 to 6 ). Amount of items people got 6 to 11: 7 = 1808, 8 = 1169, 9 = 744, 10 = 459 (69 bows +10 was traded), 11 = 242 (257.4 is 66% out of 390). ( from 6 to 11 ). My stat from today: +2 = 141, +6 = 44, +7 = 31, +8 = 21, +9 = 13, +10 = 10, +11 = 8. Can post screens of it, but covering accounts names + parts of chars names if you still don't believe me, but even in this case you will tell that I made it my self... You can give me your char name, I will post full stat about it: +2,+6,+7,+8,+9,+10,+11. If anyone curious about his stat - send me nick via forum Private message.
  10. Koll

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    1) In my message I said that I will give you stat, but I guess you ignored it or I don't know how I can be more transperent. 2) Why I and our server should be judged by actions of other servers? 3) #4 will make sence because people will put more CoLs in game to sell them for Adena and then buy event items, exactly what you did.
  11. Koll

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    Just few words before I will go and open each cached file to find each time person broke weapon. 1) We don't work with Java, Manton is reverse engineer and you don't need one for Java, you need Java coder. 2) No one have source code of official L2core PTS files. What you can do is add DLL that will make system work as you want. 3) How to log things that you want: a) You add hidden item and seach DB for that item. ( can be added if someone open box for example ). b) You create new DB table, code to save information in that table ( we don't think it's worth to do that, because it will take too much time that can be on something important, not on event ). 4) Increasing enchant chances will bring me more money, based on your logic. Because more people will be interested in buying event items, because they will get good reward easier, which will decrease amount of event items on a server, which will make them cost more, which will increase adena spend on event items. Or just don't increase items drop chance, which we did few times already.
  12. Koll

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    Yes, we could in case we had system working as you are saying, but it just not. We don't have exceptions in this system. I can show you full file.
  13. Koll

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    You said "I did spend 2000+ scales", "Went to the guy who had like 1200+ event items, bought all of them" - guy had Soul Fragments, because you can't trade Corrupted Scale. 1200 "event items that you can trade" = 240 corrupted scale.
  14. Koll

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    The issue is that I'm honest. And I did more than enough to show it. I showed you rates, I even logged in game and did event my self and get max enchant.