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  1. Koll


    https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/82146-l2classicclub-on-the-horizon/ Hello. Right now still working on TI update, then Zaken update for Dion. I suspect it about new year, but can't confirm until we have at least half of the tasks for Dion update ready.
  2. Hello. Discord link on main page of the forum ( top right ). https://discord.gg/yzhP2hz
  3. Hello. Please read topic: "Rewards delivery will start as soon as majority of participants will request it, so, please, wait patiently." So Kse is waiting most of the players contact her to start sending it as a pack. Contest finished yestreday, before that we couldn't send you participant reward. Please don't worry, everyone will get their reward 🙂
  4. If need I can be more specific, but again, it will take time.
  5. Hello. Checked logs from 14.08.2023 - 27.08.2023 and 11.09.2023 - 24.09.2023 ( so 2 weeks right after we installed fix and 2 last weeks ). Tested items: Blue Wolf Stockings: dropped 16 in August and 9 in September. ( note: Kariks killed in August = 9441, in September = 1771 for example ) Blue Wolf Leather Armor: dropped 29 in August and 32 in September. Sealed Avadon Circlet: dropped 82 in August and 126 in September. Art of Battle Axe: dropped 7 in August and 7 in September. Damascus: dropped 6 in August and 5 in September.
  6. Hello. Will finish and provide some stats in next few days, updates are first priority right now 🙂
  7. Hello. Give me location you are farming in please, will make test + parse logs.
  8. Hello. Use updater. And give me char name so I can check logs.
  9. Current event have 7 days rune 25% EXP/SP up to level 70 which have high chance to drop, but you are right, we won't stop on this.
  10. 1) 1-2 - dropped 1 tablet more than should.2) 8-9 - dropped 7 tablets more than should.3) 15-16 - dropped 1 tablet more than should.4) 22-23 - dropped exact amount of tablets that should. This is the test we made during July about Tablets drop. 1-2 = dates ( 01/07-02/07 ) we checked every weekend. Collected information: Amount of dropped tablets. Amount of killed mobs per type that can drop tablet. About event, we are working on PVP part for existing event, unfortunatly to make mass teleport to many random locations lead to issues and scripter had to rewrite this part 4 times, currently we are in test period. I understand that it's taking too long. But unless during tests we find any big flaw in this system - we are already commited to make it. We could have made easy event in 2 weeks, but we heard our players that they are uninspaering and want to make it more interesting. We also have in plans to make automatical mini events ( system to start them was also written by scripter to start this event ). We also rewrote rewards for Dion event which will include better rewards and special one for lower level players. Event is not finished, but we are currently testing all the systems ( system that start event, system that teleport people in, system that teleport people out, system that ends event ) and hoping to install it as soon as we can and then continue our work on Baium part for Dion and next update for TI.
  11. We are working on addition to existing event, but I'm not 100% sure it's possible to do what I planned, so we are checking with scripters all our options how to make it, then we have TI update and some changes for Dion. And in case it won't work, we will have to scrap it and do something else...
  12. Hello. Yes, it's planned, no ETA or exact information in what form it will be.
  13. Hello. Selling - no, you can report, for clan there are Clan Entry option, but we might tolerate searching for clan.
  14. Hello. Account manager > Recovery PIN.