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  1. Hello. No. You can use macro on that char, but you must click macro your self, you can't set up keyboard to click button that will start macro on that char every 2 min for example.
  2. Dion suggestions received in last weeks: 1) Increase box limit with Premium Accounts. - We don't have it in plans right now. We still want players to be more active during CP farm. 2) Transfer Prophets Auras (Armor Ritual / Counter Ritual) to Dion. - We believe it's too early to have such big changes to classes. We will be looking into new skills later. 3) Transfer Fruits / 100% EXP scrolls as Strix Daily quest reward to Dion. - We don't want to give scrolls. We are trying to get away from them because players were min/maxing them by logging out to not lose buff duration. Fruits will be added later (same update cycle it was added on Talking Island). 4) Increase level cap to level 80 or higher. - Level 80 will bring drastic changes. Skills like Counter Critical / Song of Purification / Insane Crusher / Servitor Share, will have huge affect on PVP/Olympiad. We want more players (we are thinking about 20/30%) to reach lvl 79 at least. We believe that if more players will reach level 80 together, it will affect PVP/Olympiad less and will be more balanced. 5) Set level restrictions to high level zones. - We think that zones should be level restricted by monsters power. Teleporting players out of the open zone will feel like it's not open world as Lineage was meant to be. 6) Daggers trains and drop mobs. Do something with it. - We see it as part of Lineage 2. You still can PK them or stun them in order to stop from coming to you or you BSoE. You have enough options to deal with it. 7) Decrease amount of exp players loses per death on sieges. - We already decreased it by 50% from what it is on official server and we are planning to decrease it more when players will be higher level. Talking Island suggestions received in last weeks: 1) Make it possible to Chant of Gate on Hellbound. - We want to hear players opinion about it. Note: NPCs on Hellbound still checks if you have finished quest and will port you our if you don't. We are not planning to change this part for now. 2) Kick dead characters from Baium/Antharas Lair that are dead for more then 10 min. - We see Lineage 2 as game of opportunities. When we micromanage and remove some options from players - game becomes more strict, like say "play our way that we intended". This change will help side that already won, but will remove one of the comeback options from already losing side. We don't think it's a good idea.
  3. Dear players! We keep getting a lot of suggestions on what to add/remove/change in the game in private. We believe it is an incorrect approach, as we can only hear 1 person/group ideas and thoughts on the matter, and we urge everyone to use Suggestions section of the forum for the open and transparent discussion. As of now, we have gathered latest suggestions which we are going to share with the rest of players along with our view on every suggestion. Still, we want to hear everyone if there is anything you want to say regarding those suggestions. Our position about each suggestion is not final and might be changed if we see any valid points from commentators. If there will be more suggestions poring to our PMs, similar topics will be created. We will not be discussing any changes in private without giving a chance to speak up for everyone interested. Sincerely, Classic Team
  4. Koll

    Easter Event 2024

    Hello. 1) No difference from old system. Before: More time online = more mobs killed = more event items dropped. Now: More time online = more mobs killed = more exp earned = more event items got. 2) Any MMO are: more time you can spend in game = more mobs you can kill = more chances to drop items = more adena you get. I don't think players that have more free time will appriciate us punishing them for it. 3) 1 stack of the items can't have different timer, which means Eggs won't be stackable because 1 egg will have timer of 2 hours and 59 min, 2nd egg 2 hours and 53 min and etc. In case we still make them stack each new Egg will reset timer of all other eggs. 4) Limiting it to hours = limiting event reward from bosses ( right now killing boss will give you multiple Event items based on amount of exp you got, getting 1 item from boss and same amount from 20 mobs are not equivalent ). Also you will have less items dropped then before, I don't think players will appreciate it and will just request return old drop system. 5) About bots. We are checking every report and have system where you can get reward from reported bot. Event items are part of that reward and you will recieve all event items he farmed.
  5. Hello. What option you want to see? Buyer will get weapon without Rune.
  6. We are checking every report, you can report to Kse via discord or me via "Send us a message" + you can get rewards by making video + sending it to supports via ticket.
  7. Hello. You asking if they use hacks? Can you give me an example that made you think that?
  8. It's around 60 hours of farm specifically gemstones. Or 518/117 = 52.4 hours of farm only Pearl Horror. Or 518/60 = 103.2 hours of farm Energy of Insolence. And we talking about Top A ( currently top before Primeval Island ), Low A need B gemstones.
  9. Hello. 15 min is custome change, official is 50 min. About respawn time, can you explain logic behind every time stamp please? An example, we had coversation with person farming it and he was comparing it to TOI Energy of Insolence farm and we concluded that using TOI farm he will get 60kk per day. Based on his tests, after spawn change, he is farming 117kk per day on Devils Island just from this mobs.
  10. Hello. TOI mob Binder lvl 74, has 6 spawn points, 5 min +-1.20min respawn time and 1.6% chance to drop. Pearl Horror has 5 spawn points with 5% chance to drop + Life Stones in drop. Official leaked files shows that spawn of Pearl Horror must be 50 min, we think it's too much, so it was increased to a time we think it fits by comparing different mobs with similar drop.
  11. https://l2db.club/?show=item_info&id=90646 - Options are at the bottom.
  12. Hello. Only via ticket or Right bottom corner > Send us a message.
  13. Yes, already updated. Also fixed Lilith/Anakim runes bonuses wasn't showing. We are collecting stats about Lilith/Anakim spawn after change.
  14. Hello. 1) Different parts of a team working on different things. Scripter + San0 was working on update. I'm providing information about players lags to team lead who is working on it with datacenter. Based on tests we located proxies that have issues and will remove them for now, while datacenter checking why it's happening. Team lead is reforming proxies list we will announce when changes will be made for players to test. 2) Antharas "teleport in while Antharas is in combat" was reverted before your post, check San0 messages. Edit: Changes to proxies were made. In case you will have any issues, please send me a message.
  15. Hello. Contact me via "Contact Us!" bottom right on a forum, but it means that there are some issues on your provider side.