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  1. Koll

    Auction Logic?

    Problem is that rules saying: 8. Item can be placed to the auction only from the main character. Lots, placed from boxes or characters below level 20 will be rejected. https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/6595-auction/ You already have 5 items installed from Main char.
  2. Koll

    Auction Logic?

    Hello. Char name?
  3. Koll

    LF CP(Общая тема)

    Yes, choose another proxy
  4. Koll

    Server migration 10.06.2019

    Dear players. Due to server files transfer speed we will need around 1 hour more. We will announce when transfer will be finished. Best regards, Classic Team
  5. Koll

    Test server is now open

    Hello. Use Zaken OBT patch in empty folder: https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/20505-zaken-obt-is-on/
  6. Koll

    Zaken Update

    Hello. https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/20505-zaken-obt-is-on/
  7. Koll

    Не запускается игра

    You are trying to login with incorrect password. 1) Try to login on web with same info 2) You can't login in game with E-mail + password.
  8. Koll

    Login Down

    Hello. Must be fixed.
  9. Koll

    Não consigo logar alguém ajuda pf

    Hello. If you still have this problem - contact me via skype: koll.classic
  10. Koll

    critical error

    Give please full error screen with History. Or give file from system folder that must look like this: L2_20190515_180553.bmp
  11. Koll

    where i s he ?

    When it happened?
  12. Koll

    Login problem

    Contact me please via skype: koll.classic
  13. Koll

    Login problem

    Open CMD type: telnet 2106 Tell me what you will see.
  14. Koll

    npc bug

    Fixed, thx for info.