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  1. In this case why we need adena autoloot?
  2. In case you want to pick up everything - won't change anything. In case you want to pick up only adena - will benefit only range classes and let them surpass melee classes in exping speed more. It will be more frustrating to be an a melee class and see how fast range classes exping.
  3. Koll

    Titan 3 quest

    Yes, issue is that you can do same quest 10 times in same conditions and get this bug only 2 of them. When we will have confirmed method to repeat it - we will.
  4. Koll

    Titan 3 quest

    Hello. Create ticket and give me ID.
  5. It will work till you stop it. So you need to stop it and copy info here.
  6. "Hello. You can telnet to IP:PORT and WINMTR to IP when it happening ( contact me via Livechat, bottom right, for IP:PORT )."
  7. Hello. You can telnet to IP:PORT and WINMTR to IP when it happening ( contact me via Livechat, bottom right, for IP:PORT ). "-Network is fine otherwise, other websites, games, etc all are 100% fine." - please, please, please EVERYONE stop using this as your argument. It's stupid. Using this argument you are saying that this 2 roads are same https://prnt.sc/tr9pql 2nd argument I hate is "it's not my provider, because other games not lagging". This is example: https://prnt.sc/tr9snd ( small blue marks is data centers which your packets just passing ). We can't control what data centers your provider choosing between you and our server. And if there will be any issue in any data center between you and us - you will have lags. Nothing we can do about it, but your provider can change your packets path ( not instantly, but possible ). Before we get your packet - it's your provider responsibility to not lose it.
  8. Was checking chars on screens, when they where made? First I thought it was made July 26th when Zaken/QA was killed, but no. Cause for example TYrdois wasn't online that day. And TS screenshot from March??? What with Antharas and Frintezza in screenshot?
  9. Koll


  10. Koll

    Test server is available

    Issue fixed, delete system folder, start updater and you will be able to login.
  11. Koll

    Test server is available

    If you are having any issues with login in on test server, you can contact us via "Contact us!" window on forum at bottom right.
  12. Koll


    Hello. You can try PayOp or Direct PayPal via San0.
  13. Koll

    Test server is available

    Try right now.
  14. Koll

    Test server is available

    Hello. What issue you are having?