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Regarding Event abuse

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Dear players!

We want to inform everyone on the matter and highlight taken actions.


During the Event, number of players have discovered, that they can bug Rotting Watermelon and call from 1 Watermelon as many bosses, as many people would click the watermelon while it's decaying and kept using it instead of reporting.

Number of characters doing it: 245, which are mainly 4 groups and their boxes/friends.

Which actions were taken:

  • All Event rewards, such as Fairy pouches, Epics and coupons were deleted from abusers
  • All not used Corrupted seeds were deleted
  • Experience, gained by killing called with bug abuse Bosses, was removed (Core of bug users got their exp rolled back to the time they first used the bug. Other players got removed only exp, which was gained on Bosses)

None of players were banned at this point. But next ban with any type of rules breaking will lead to instant perma ban.


Rest of the players, who were not involved in bug abuse, will get back all their Corrupted seeds and Fairy pouches with the next restart.
Event NPC will stay to teleport everyone to the Event location for 1 more week after the next restart.


Classic Team

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