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  1. SoulMate lf CPs

    are u seriously????u really thought ws wk/es dont have power to take ur epics?only because 2.0 is too far .no one cares about it .see u in 2.0
  2. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    U don't respect rules .we don't need u chaos too .u Scker why es/vig/drama ally broke.no ally can work for a long time without rules agreed by 50%+ members..people dont know ally rule/dont want to obey rules, and just want to fix problem with its our way is chao and scker. and can easily destroyed by enemy's secondary char .no rule .no ally btw...fck u bro.
  3. SoulMate lf CPs

    meanless ..ifc....no one care about epics now- -
  4. SoulMate lf CPs

    Calm down .seriously we all know Sm is not bad and good at fighting .all we need to do is fc King GM to show us 2.0(will I be banned here: ( )delay of 2.0 is the only reason why we take friends char lving as box .they get bored and don't want exp anymore .We box them just don't want them leave .
  5. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    Plz take screen shot and Mail leader Kiam or stiba .anyone kill crest ally.first time 5kk/1 kill .second time kick off .thats how to fix ally problem .we have kicked off several chn in the past .first of all .show photo which can describe the damage as evidence . Btw enemy hate v4.so good. We all like him
  6. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    What about ur armani clan? Ifc any chn without crest is not under protection if they have problem with foreign ally .thats how ws and wk keep together more than one year .most important thing are crest and rule
  7. Join the Goodlife!

    Try to keep ally member friendly .some .gl and chill member scram Rb all the time .it will set too much enemy .btw I suggest ur ally ally with Sm .3 sides" balance will be funnier
  8. Class Change Service 2.0?

    poor ellis76pp dagger glady,perhaps ner ellis?
  9. l2 classic club 18(WK)VS25(SM) 8/30/2017 Loa PVP

    worse than before in my own opinion
  10. l2 classic club 18(WK)VS25(SM) 8/30/2017 Loa PVP

    song 30years ago:) ifc...songs alll over the world become similar with each other and boring.
  11. Unable to stream

    if it isnot ws wk clan char.i can help u to fck them .otherwise I can try to stop that:) pm in forum .more friend more fun .more enrmy more fun too
  12. yy,,,,i agree...need some space for solo/ netual cp.(as we know no netual can survie in 2 years old serve.cuz top clan will force them to join .otherwise .die and stay in gk for hours) ifc casuals played 1-2 hours everyday.and most of ppl are casuals. hardcore cant live without casuals. pvp ppl could enjoy normal exp/drops. pve(rb is pve too.high lv cannt easily hunt low lv rb ppl)enjoy low exp/drop at least .people will leave for doing nothing .ifc .most people dont care be killed or low exp.just need do something with others (ofc not -X%exp:))
  13. Unable to stream

    tips:hide ur rb at some secret place when rbing:) .