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  1. 88262500

    Is there a reason ?

    ifc 70lv need more time to clean their Kama than u exp ur losing exp
  2. 88262500

    Castle Siege

    I found Sm guy become more active after ws wk Es main char afk here: )king of monkey after tiger's leaving : D.ifc if vig Es ws wk main char come back in2.0. Everything will have nothing to do with monkey btw PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS so good!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 88262500

    Castle Siege

    007 u can't make them wake from dream .
  4. 88262500

    Castle Siege

    btw....ist L2 a game aiming at controlling the farm spots and enemy's lv .make ally stronger /more number and enemy less and less?
  5. 88262500

    Castle Siege

    I think it's u standing in that situation. Btw I haven't use orfen at all .and I have more friend in both ws Es Sm side .and who are u ?joker
  6. 88262500

    Castle Siege

    seriously without 2.0 epics means nothing 、both ws wk /es jf afked 、including me 。and if 2.0 update、i think tower epics has nothing to do with sm、and if sm can get that .it means ppl don't want to get back .and its dying .plz enjoy dying serve epics. btw i still loveu : )no one will abuse u:)
  7. 88262500

    Castle Siege

    007 is right .as i said 。 u are the most useless one in sm . sad human archor .reroll to glady plz.which class u can win 1v1?or what can u do in mass pvp.sr can stun .pr can make great damage . what can u do is dying 3 times 1v1 with my pr in 2 days. 2 of 3 are fair enough . useless one have more nonesense:) keyboard fighter......
  8. 88262500

    Castle Siege

    Yy .
  9. 88262500

    Aden Castle Siege Event

    y.most of us too..ifc .i havt login for 1 week .perhaps akf till 2.0 coming. in my own opinion .s/b dont care about high/old ppl at all. cus they can find a lot of rb team lf members/
  10. 88262500

    Castle Siege

    im 1/23 archor +pp....
  11. 88262500

    Castle Siege

    stupid.any normal minds in ur brain?
  12. 88262500

    Aden Castle Siege Event

    i need a pretty Eu girlfriendXDDD +12 staff will be ok .if....................................................................
  13. 88262500

    v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    thats the reason i call u chaos.
  14. 88262500

    Aden Castle Siege Event

    Up!kiam u will leave? ifc.our manage group has afk for more than 1 months .we just do some serve for newbie of chn ppl now .cus 99%of them dont know english at all .im one of the left active managers .perhaps we will let chn play themself .and stop do serve anymore . 1 years in this server with 1.5..... BTW ...can some part of chn join Biz as 4 side?XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  15. 88262500

    SoulMate lf CPs

    are u seriously????u really thought ws wk/es dont have power to take ur epics?only because 2.0 is too far .no one cares about it .see u in 2.0