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  1. kkthx

    Baium 19.12.2017

    hm? Just dont want to be mistaken with ur retarded friend that... wait for it... copied nickname from me, lol, u copy strategies from ur enemies and even forum nicknames! hahaha, sad so, u run out of arguments trying to say smthing to shine? oh u poor kid, im not even sad for u
  2. kkthx

    San0 wp

    So San0, u delete post and block possibility of posting for 6 days. Now pls write here that on forum nobody can have own point of wiev, coz u forgot put it on forum rules. Or u felt offended for calling nuts? Right, only KingLeonidas have rights to flame u with offensive words (way more than "nuts") , wo getting blocked. Or u felt bad for accusing of fail management with giving free enchant scrolls? Right, only Soil can write post in general accusing GMs of selling weapons through AH. (and i just say about fail rewards destroying playability) Well i dont know, coz u didnt even wrote reason there. I guess that u re just deleting posts that u dont like when somebody disagrees with ur ideas. Thats well played, u show ur power over ppl. U dont like somebodys point of wiev? Well fuck him, just delete and block. Fuck him double w.o writing reason of block.
  3. kkthx


    niech mnie uj strzeli, że to powiem, ale nie za ładny jesteś na L2? .XD .XD .XD
  4. kkthx


    OP + nerf = balanced easy math
  5. kkthx

    Question about new CH change

    not everybody need to start conversation by offering his butt to squeeze, we are not playing teletubies. i was right and thats it, i will be right not even once. No matter who write what, if he may be right just consider what he said. go play ruski, u droped enough here
  6. kkthx

    Question about new CH change

    lol, i must say GG to team again. i made even special topic on begining of 2.0 update to take care of exp scrolls, either i got flushed as always, or not a single GM gave a damn about what i wrote, that it is not normal to have exp scrolls everywhere. So guess what i did? I stacked over 250 exp scrolls 30% and adequate amount of 50% exp scrolls and its for this moment, ive pretty used tons of them already. + fish stew fishboted? Hehe. GG easy game. GL guys.
  7. kkthx

    [NOT BUG]Bug report

    U didnt copy this tactic yet like every single one? lel just do it, and dont waste time on reports, and say thenk you to enemy side for teaching u all u know bout Classic so far.
  8. kkthx

    Events :D

    bcoz im for example playing here 2 years, and for first year nothing seemed to turn server into high rate, and quite not fun abandoning friends. While randoms and low lvls come and wank to free items.
  9. kkthx

    Battle Roar(Duelist) - TSS

    lol u said long time ago this server is bugged and corrupted, why u waste time on reports.
  10. kkthx


    l2wiki.com or google
  11. kkthx

    What to do in this situation??

    there are two options 1. u farm higher lvl than him and PK him whever u see him 2. cry
  12. kkthx

    Line Age

    Dash on F1 and bsoe on Spacebar, typical Poseidon TH
  13. kkthx

    1 week on 2.0

    lol xNirvana is SM's nigger, fits so well (pic rel.)
  14. kkthx

    some fights from the 1st month of 2.0..!

    That China daggers rolled from free farm PR do top.