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  1. Can you please consider adding more cloak options? At least one more option. This one (orange) is just ugly 😞 thanks alot
  2. You can buy this cheap in Grocery shop if I'm not mistaken. Check Giran, Gludio or Dion!
  3. Thanks for the answer. Sorry for the spam, but I don't get it. Particularly for weapons, since the only major difference with the "Coin weapons" is that the coin weapon cannot be traded, then how come B weapons are so expensive? Shouldn't they be cheap, since there's less demand for them? What other major difference is there between normal weapons and "coin weapons" that I may be missing??
  4. Hello all. I'm playing casually here since the start. Taking long breaks, coming back, building stuff, breaking them all and again from the start. I was about to start playing in September but I do not like these changes with the coins. This kills the whole essence of Classic (which Classic nowadays is very rare). Doesn't this destroy the economy of weapons/armors etc? What's the use of trying to craft something now or make business/farm to gather adena and buy gear? Could someone please sum up the Coins update with a few words because I don't see any reason where someone would go on a mission to craft something. In case I'm not missing anything major, then this is a huge deal breaker guys. EDIT/Sumup: I just logged-in for a few minutes: 1) I cannot justify the high prices of B weapons since you can now have a B weapon from the new coins. 2) Also I noticed that Improved enchants are now cheap (I remember IEWB was about 250kk back in the day, now 25kk). How come? What changed? 3) Can someone briefly explaining the new coin system and their difference to the main weapons? Isn't economy destroyed by it? @San0 @Koll or anyone else, your feedback is very much appreciated please... Big thanks!
  5. If you're talking about me @sensei - I was.
  6. Just a bump on this topic. Don't have the time to play but I log in now and then and man it's amazing that after almost 20years there is THIS server out there. Again thank you guys! 4+ years up and still the market & activity stability amazes me! (Fix the brightness issue with the client like they did on offi-crap please )
  7. Hi @Koll Thanks! I had already tried this with no luck. I'm on holidays and I'm not on my everyday PC. When I get back I will try to troubleshoot again and reach to you for help. Thank you again!
  8. Thank you all for the replies! As for the technical issues, alt & tab doesnt solve my prob since my pc's brightness/lightning gets screwed up everytime I launch the game - however this does not happen on official servers. Would appreciate some help from @san0 or some other admin!!!! Thanks again!
  9. Hi all, As all of you know, you can't quit this drug called L2. Having shietty official/bot servers certainly helped and I stayed clean for so long But as I've said in the past there is still this gem called My main question is: Are bots/rmt punished? How's the server? Help me out please Also the main reason I haven't started yet is described here: If someone could help me out regarding this I would reaaaaally appreciate it. Thank you in advance and happy holidays!
  10. Samus

    Dagger pov

    I liked it bud! Make me wanna play again after 2 years ^^
  11. Hi all, Returning to the server that L2 classic started for me, after EU fail-botting-crap. 4 years and the server is up and running like a boss. The only L2 server left out there for me. Anyway, I'm going to play casually but I face the following issues and could use some advice please: 1) The long everlasting brightness issue with L2. I got my screen and GFX setting set to a bit dark/lower brightness which I love. When running L2 my screen is ruined to ultra bright and only L2 is normally playable which I hate and makes me not wanna log. What can I do about that? Tried messing with .ini file but with no success, because yes it is changing in-game's brightness etc but not the ULTRA brightness that the rest of my desktop goes to. To fix this I have to restart my PC and not log in L2 again Sad thing is that while playing in the EU-crap-server-offi I did not face this issue. EDIT: This issue is fixed upon while playing on Full-screen mode, which is a no-no for me 2) Got a brand new comp a few months ago, and it really surprises me that the game becomes choppy when in Giran harbor. I can't turn anti-aliasing on because it get even worse. I know that L2 is crap when it comes to how it was built, but any ideas here? (Same here: EU-crap-server-offi runs smoother for some damn reason ) Being in harbor everything is smooth as long as my camera does not face those 1mil shops. Please haaalp ! PC Specs: ASRock fatal1ty B450k or sth like that ;d Gigabyte Geforce 1660 Ti Ryzen 5 3600 16GB ram Intel 512GB M2 SSD Last note, I really do not like the offline shops - makes the searching and market kinda hard and dead. Would be nice if there was a poll for this. Could use some help guys! Thank you in advance for the advice.
  12. Hello all, It has been indeed a long time. Kindly let me share my story and also please provide your input to my questions. This was my first classic experience back in 2015 before skelth launched. It's been ~4years and it is still live. I'll sum it up in a sentence. You people are truly lucky having an administration like that. I don't know where do the money come from to keep them going for so long (maybe they could answer? :D) Anyway I left club to join skelth for a year for no reason, only just because it was "official". So for club: 1) Admins are always active, ready to reply to everyone and receive OUR feedback - players' feedback (amazing isn't it?) 2) DUDE THERE'S A CLASSIC SERVER WHERE YOU CAN'T BOT - IT'S HERE in CLUB!!!! I still remember posting videos back in 2015 to their support, and getting a percentage of mats of the bot I reported if he was indeed a bot (I don't know if this is still a thing but it was back then) 3) IT'S 4 YEARS UP! 4) NA - pay2win pathetic company - crowded with an overwhelming amount of bots - the online is still @5k with 4k bots and 200-300 active players. Community is ignored / no action VS bots / pay2win gambling-store for which I'm sure they will face the law sometime. 5) Skelth is dead. I logged a few days ago, and I did not like the offline shops. I do not care if a server does not have a 5k online - this will be just impossible in 2k19, 5k maybe in NA of which 4k are bots yes. Anyway, I'm trying to find a new home to play casual. Contemplating whether I should go back to dead skelth or join here. What is your experience guys of all these years in club? What is the current status? are there at least 200-300 people active daily? The idea of botting being TRULY FORBIDDEN is exciting. The idea of watching a bot and thinking "He can bot I don't care but if he gets caught - he'll be banned" is SO SO good. Regards, (and maybe cu online)