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  1. WTB Orfen Earring

    I buy your Nike.Wrong thread btw
  2. Sveiki.

    Parasyk in game pasiulys kaip atsargini 10 slota
  3. Ру Маг пати

    welcome back !
  4. 04-02/03 baium

    Everyone has they own way to have fun ...
  5. Next sieges (During Orthodoxy EASTER)

    Relax,no one needs that castle...
  6. 04-02/03 baium

    Show some respect to heroes.What we regular players undearstand how it works 😁
  7. The best worst L2 drama movie you will see today

    is kiam still playing?didint see him in a while lul
  8. Loop Macro Discussion

    I see you take care of your skin while using computer 🙄
  9. Name Barry

    8arry should work
  10. egodeath

    Ever heard off about click bait?besides check some roa clips from Einhasad 3 pts vs 100 + or so.Nobody cares about lvl 😂😂
  11. Future

    Soon.Straight after improved bot protection
  12. My love letter and BlueZerg

    well i want all play at same time so we have insane pvp and fights but thats impossible,sadly And make server to please everyone is impossible here