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  1. telikas

    new report about china

    what dollars you mean ,now admins started to take yuan as their main currency ,they are looking to the future try to look (you can see if you look to your account panel)
  2. telikas

    new report about china

    try to make server where they can own or maybe start creating movies without mentioning tiananmen square or asking what is wrong with their poltical/human rights
  3. telikas

    new report about china

    chinna gonna pay more money than eu prime . everyone wanna china money
  4. telikas

    WTS TOP EXP 44+

    russian way legally RMT
  5. telikas

    WTB Drake boots +8

    no balls was when they was +7 ... ieac didn't work properly :)) just gave me +2 not like i hoped +3
  6. telikas

    WTB Drake boots +8

    modoy your wet dreams upload image
  7. telikas

    Duel remove raid debuff bug

  8. telikas

    Poison stacks

    it's normal . you should be happy that not critical poison cause you will be left with 1 hp
  9. telikas


    nah no point when i will keep it to myself :)))) still not game/server braking but gonna use it for myself
  10. telikas


    if i report bug does i get reward for it? :))))))
  11. telikas

    Ch teleport to rune

    BUGS BUGS BUGS EVERYWHERE NOW doesnt work anymore teleport from clan hall to giran or aden
  12. telikas

    Event: Cursed Monastery

    what's is point to put in spot cursed nuns. if nuns who are you suppose to give scrools are many and also even if kill cursed nun you wont get any reward from it like teleport npc....
  13. telikas

    Ch teleport to rune

    now teleport to aden teleport you to rune AGAIN
  14. telikas

    how to catch summoner high lvl with mouth on?

    i am bd and i don't have shadow step .why did you think i am dagger?
  15. telikas

    how to catch summoner high lvl with mouth on?

    saying eay frag ... but how to catch that motherfucker when summoner is on mouth and have about 300 speed when your's is 200? . summon attack's you and hit you like a truck 1-2k each