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  1. well devil isle really sucks after strenghtened cause i saw almost NOBODY is farming here
  2. easy if you wanna make elementals great again> if they use aura flash they ignore reflect damage and thats it easy MAKE AOE GREAT AGAIN
  3. Well our setup consist pala and we nkt crying
  4. telikas

    Daily Quest

    Join clan you will get extra from clan suplys
  5. kk need to make you click to willage more times now
  6. this event is guchi !!! i think one of best events in 1 years which i am playing here
  7. chances to enchant it ? from 4-8 from 9-13 14-16 and +17 give us some info of that @Koll
  8. lets make compromise change cd of summoning summon from couple secs to 30 sec or 40 sec in oly
  9. lower your standarts bro more likely you will find people who did like join you
  10. bla bla bla all this shit talk it's easy fix bugs : you just hire some programer who is more competitive than you and problem solved bro . definetly you can invest couple grands to do this shit cause this server player base is huge and you made enough money to invest and improve your server
  11. whatever what you gonna implement here.just make bd op in oly :))))
  12. Skynet cp looking people to play as EE/OL 76+ (your own character ) or we can give you character mail in game "sung "devak