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  1. Skynet cp looking people to play as EE/OL 76+ (your own character ) or we can give you character mail in game "sung "devak
  2. @YipMan try to preserve your dignity cause after this none gonna be left
  3. yea right when you playing in this server and have in your warehouse over 1k let newbies to collect
  4. Event - Fresh beer change it to x10
  5. a little bugged qeust/npc . when you talk with gallu he is asking you to kill zaken minions (you know that story) you getting quest items (energy of frost) . but when you are in party with other ppl you not getting equal amouth of qeust items in characters . for example wc get 1-2 items per pull bd same .. but damage dealer getting all items. for example with others npc which you need to collect pirate skulls potions you getting about equal ammouth of qeust items in characters
  6. fline elder forest runner satyrs
  7. i tried with my friend to mass spoil materials ... but then we kill mobs they corpses become instantly to old ... chances for some matses shoulbe 20-30% but no near this % need to look for it
  8. telikas

    Event Frozen Holidays!

    shitty event ...farmed for 8 hours get only 180 event items got 2 large fireworks whatever... waste of time better way to open my wallet....
  9. telikas

    Event Frozen Holidays!

    in devil isle farmed for 1 hour get only 50 event items... quite low chance
  10. telikas

    Event Frozen Holidays!

    are you mean cookies or boxes? how it's possible so many
  11. TRIED to kill it legal way , but without legal way you won't be able to kill it without china factory
  12. for admins it's most important to make more cash from us anyway and punish eu prime cause they like china more than our union also i heard stories about "queen" cash shop. can somebody drop some photos for it ? it would be fun
  13. what dollars you mean ,now admins started to take yuan as their main currency ,they are looking to the future try to look (you can see if you look to your account panel)
  14. try to make server where they can own or maybe start creating movies without mentioning tiananmen square or asking what is wrong with their poltical/human rights