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  1. People hunt streamers and pk them permanently because of their attitude and what they say. Who will ever want to pk the most funny chuckling sound on YouTube (18:40)
  2. Like minded people. From my own experience people that have too much time tend to develop short-term toxic behavior due to offline uncertainties, that damages whole team (happens not once). In general these are settled people that know why they play and what they want to achieve with their gaming hobby. PS: CP is offering re-roll financing from other support classes to fill up the vacant slots - sws/se/ol, pm bizqquit on forum, send mail ingame.
  3. Recruiting CP 55+ pm BizQQuiT, Kiam, Uchihaitachi
  4. As others have said above, this classic server had more action on it's prime then even 2.0 GK. Everyone is arming up for 2.0 - that thing will be insane
  5. From the above players me and salaras play from beginning of server (gfbot too ?), and never did we ever seen you. Go away lol, bye)
  6. ~Join US~
  7. Hello dear community ! Our CP opens recruitment once again, we are looking to fill up our new vacant slots. We are interested in recruiting new SE/SWS/OL level 70+ or person to play our 71 SE and 72 OL. Prime hours - 19:00-22:30 CEST Requirements: - To hold prime 5 out of 7 week days. - Good English. - Working/Studying. Please contact me on forum or in-game by mail/pm BizQQuiT. Have a Wonderful Day !
  8. I just got info that Kiam botted to 76 lvl, this should be check asap !