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  1. Tactical Tank Last

    "Exposed on public not me" or you wanted to write "like me"?
  2. ~ WickedSick Alliance ~ Recruiting !!!

    Recruiting fresh CP's 60+ to fill up European ally.
  3. books being impossible to drop

    I guess everyone remembers the Stigma drama when prices shoot up to 20kk per book
  4. ~ WickedSick Alliance ~ Recruiting !!!

    Looking for new CPs on Europe Timezone
  5. Rumble in the jungle!

    Bring it on, im yawning since soil failed. Tell me more about what you know, biggest Eu sides. I led the first siege ever, and I did terrible).
  6. Rumble in the jungle!

    Best words in this thread "see you in loa" someone said. Damn guys you are naive)
  7. First WC 76 ? ty CP, ty Clan, ty Ally !!!

    You are all created by a mother @lineage4
  8. Rumble in the jungle!

    @UchihaMadara i believe she thinks that this is bad for WS.
  9. Rumble in the jungle!

    This isn't anything new or unexpected for us. People choose such paths often. It happened before and it will happen again ( @Canito ) but here is the big fat fact - None of the clans which took this path achieved anything or at least had comfortable interesting gaming activity. I was only surprised, because i had a Skype talk with Eulogist about his plans and goals on our server and at that point i got the first impression of a very solid leader. I suppose I am wrong one more time ( @Demosek ).
  10. Rumble in the jungle!

    Nobody leaves WickedSick, everyone who isn't here got kicked.
  11. Rumble in the jungle!

    "It was too fast and unexpected even for me. But what can you get from a gathering of residuals.What Rebirth has now is bad products of Perkunas.You have Comadrejas, raised and built by WickedSick who chose to join ES because they couldn't farm for few months. Oh they also started to invite everyone I kicked, and resulted in a clan of really toxic players.What's next... fresh blood Anathema. Same story as Coma but with a twist, in grand view similar mistakes.And about individual Cps, you've got this OOC, again bad product of Perks, some remainders of vigilance and a jump around CP like Desnatada or w/e the party leader is there. I guess fish food doesn't even get nominated anymore.Ah, list goes on and on, just a bunch of really intoxicated players kicked from a side to dust bin.I was expecting this outcome, but not on this siege tbh, they amaze me day by day.I only hope people can learn and stop following retarded clan and ally leaders." Let's add Jungle
  12. First WC 76 ? ty CP, ty Clan, ty Ally !!!

    MassDmg worked hard
  13. ~ WickedSick Alliance ~ Recruiting !!!

    Recruiting CP 55+ pm BizQQuiT, Kiam, Uchihaitachi
  14. Dajtovillage PvP #8

    He said that ? Argh I really have to follow this forum more often =). Nice moovik