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  1. SM recruiting pm Valeera

  2. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    As for the record. DarkLegion was the side with greater numbers. They were zerging all epics and dominating Asian prime. By this moment Perkunas was implementing strategies and tactics to recruit to balance numbers (pk ev/ab ; making deals with other sides). And basically their main goals was wiping Unique from existence in EU prime. Darklelos was controlling fully Asian prime. Everyone was farming themselves up. Just because we had more parties in EU doesn't mean we had greater numbers overall as alliance. Even in Europe due to sudden changes (kicking AD and Fishfood leaving us) according to info we were outnumbered cumulatively. We were just lucky those AB parties didn't had interest in LoA at that time. Should I remind everyone when DL was keeping 70 bodies at LoA entrance when they finally decided to come play in EU prime after achieving level advantage? When our recruiting strategy produced its results and increased our numbers to 220 at that point DL had 200. If this is considered that Perks zerged DL with a 10% difference in numbers than dunno guys ~. I guess last night you got zerged by Perkunas too. Perkunas was zerg when DL alliance "naturally" broke. and i wont accept any quotes telling me it was otherwise and open debates about it rather then with @JerrySM cuz the rest of plebs just run their mouth.
  3. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    Weiitt...did you just said that you expect this alliance to produce long term results ?
  4. horror, lightningstrike, fear skills

    sounds like something an ES who tries to run on mount would say) "helpas das fier no leta me kitos wit ma magnuz" Those skills are perfectly fine. LS is purified, chance of horror is ok with mental, anchor purified again. And guess what >cleanse< takes anything off) And if you talk about olympiads ~ not even those skills would help against better skilled ppl. Low players better play together, this isn't arcade platform game.
  5. Little Monkey

    Back then when I reported, admins didn't even wanted to tell me who picked it up so I can pm/negotiate. The guy himself told me he got it after 1h of silence). I gave him a bunch of EWB/EAB ^^ never had a remorse feeling about cosmic amount). PS: wts EAB 1.8kk
  6. Little Monkey

    ...and if you quote me do it properly please. I did not say idiot, but loser. Because just like Myrciu, Wanali got up and ran away from there instead of checking Balu. blessed by Einhasad this ring)
  7. Little Monkey

    missed opportunity! @MoDoy
  8. Little Monkey

    Almost added this one to FC history too. I guess this AQ is lucky since it was dropped to randoms before also .

    sry we are full @ProGressive
  10. Chatban

  11. Chatban

    Yeah, familiar name to me. @Kse check logs pls.
  12. Chatban

    what is your ingame nickname btw ?
  13. FightClub LF skilled melee DD

    In search of heavily skilled damage dealer in melee party. glad/adventurer/abyss walker/tyrant/destroyer. or Player on my sws 77 lvl.
  14. May 3rd end of Prime
  15. LF Dagger 76+ in CP

    I would be opened for PW also .... just needs so much investment to make it efficient ~ Looking for dagger/tyrant 76+ for CP.