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  1. exp loss in siege

    lol and i was like "I killed so many chinos with siege golem, they won't come again!" pretty messed up this one..
  2. Summoners while on Mount

    @San0 @Koll Poll has 102 / 18 this is a record voting in history of server. Do the thing pls.
  3. Poll needs attention

    up vote vote vote
  4. Poll needs attention

    bump, VOTE VOTE VOTE !
  5. Summoners while on Mount

    bump VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!
  6. Poll needs attention

    yep, flames are fine ~ pony not)
  7. Poll needs attention

    Please check the topic in suggestion section. At the moment summoners are able to use their summon skills while on mount, no other classes can use any skills. The idea of mounts is to give faster access to far locations ( toi floors f,e ) however right now these mounts give significant edge to summoners which are able to control efficiently their pets from big range. So check the link and hit a vote. Thanks
  8. Summoners while on Mount

  9. WTB Magical Tablets

    WTB your Magical Tablets ! Mail with payment to BizQQuiT. Thank you.
  10. Summoners while on Mount

    It's not about overpowered classes or what not, it's simple - >All< Classes are unable to use >ANY< skills while on Mount but Summoners can use their MOST op skills while running on mount. How is that even normal by any logics.
  11. Kiam Deadbeat (171)

    And that winning clan was... ?
  12. Summoners while on Mount

    gl catching a summoner controlling his pet from 1k+ range) Not to mention, that if he runs far away his summon just teleports next to him ~
  13. Summoners while on Mount

    I said cancel not banes.
  14. Summoners while on Mount

    no, 14 ppl who didn't pvp or saw ES 77+ voted so