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  1. SwordSinger setup

    item in ?
  2. "My BlueGirl" V/S Red Zombies

    you wanna put it otherwise ?)
  3. SwordSinger setup

    A topic about sws and i'm completely clueless about the above Gotta step up my sws game ! PS: what is roa ?
  4. WHT happen again with SERVER?

    You had your chance to re-take it, but you gave up after first pvp. If you'd come 1-2 more times it was likely that we would lose and you'd take the boss for yourself again. No, i'm not just saying this for you to come give us more fun
  5. Chatuba de Meskita

    f**k this music selection
  6. Time till auction item release?

    what is affecting it tho? we have some problems sometimes on few of our team members.
  7. Trolling SM

    Nickname fits the player)
  8. NA?

    We have very active South American community and less of North, well.... almost none at all). There are some international parties in that prime but unlikely for them to contact you if you are under at least 70ties.
  9. Game chats Moderators Recruitment

    Application Form: 1) BizQQuiT. 2) Perkunas. 3) While I'm working and can see GH on my secondary monitor. 4) 8-13 CET plus prime hours 19-22 CET (pm moderation). 5) none. 6) bizquit2. @Kse @Koll @San0 and i challenge @JerrySM to join also as chat moderator !!!
  10. Mission of the Day: CRP Farming

    Uuuu that was really good by NF. Anyways we had 5 min left our only choice was rush and try win it quickly, no shame in doing the right thing.
  11. Mission of the Day: CRP Farming

    This boasting for nothing lol ~ Should I upload how perks chat looks when we wipe all blue team in less them 3 min although outnumbered ? I don't think so cuz that's normal for us Just know that we all laugh at the delusion you live in)
  12. It´s worth it?

    Appearances might change, spirit remains the same)