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  1. This answer makes no sense. Why server have to wait for more people to get only 79lv if the skills that you are talking about that will have huge affect for the game comes at lv 80? Then you should count those 20/30% of ppl who is already 79lvl and 100% so that increasing cap wont affect game that much and will not give advantage only for few groups of ppl. Because now i dont see any logic on what kind of difference it will make for 79lvl players if u add 80lvl cap and from those 20/30% of 79lv players only few will get lvl 80 the same day and rest of players that will be at 79lvl still will have to wait days/weeks/months (depends on double exp weekends and other events with extra exp bonuses) to get 80lv. Also why not to count not only how many ppl will reach 79lv (79lv and 100% to fair) but also classes and more specific those classes u were talking about that gets huge advantages like prp/sws/summoners/da's? I dont really care at this point when server will increase cap, but if this is the answer that server gave to the players why is not here yet, then make it when there will be enough of those classes that change the game at 79lv and 100%
  2. Some questions 1. What is the Hero skill reuse? Also one reuse for all skills or not? 2. Offline fishhing? Yes or No 3. Resist bonuses on sets added or not? 4. Exp on bosses back to old ones or just a bit increased? (doubt it will need to touch it at all, good as it is now) 5. Class change service will be added or not? 6. Tuesday pvp event will be added now or later? 7. Auction House with "legit enchnated items" yes or no?
  3. JzOo

    Blade cancer

    There are few masterwork servers that you should like where blade dancers gets all buff d/s and even rush skill, maybe you playing in wrong server? The name Classic says everything itself and i dont get this your crying all around forum. With or w/o those skills you are asking for bd still will be useless vs 90% classes and rest 10% will be problaly low gear players or boxes. Accept ur role as bd or change class
  4. brs couldnt manage to go above 50 pts on SE so asked guy joined eu to get hero ?
  5. Lets talk about WC/OL in different activities WC PVE: Its perfectly fine since u reach lv80 (great fury is op buff for farm and it also makes warcryers to be active to give bonus for ur party). WC Oly: As all other Fear CC classes wc is more than fine inside oly (with core/orfen) and it has more than fear skill that is OP, so if u know how to kite u can win even w/o fear vs most of the classes. I would say nerf chance or give big cd on fear skill of fear classes so f1 plebs would have to use more than 1 brain cell to play all those fear classes. WC PVP: 90% of wc/ol i saw in pvps have etze syndrom (i guess coz he is top OL in classic club history and made huge impact in many people eyes) and they use dmg drain till they run out of mana. This class is support class first of all and should work as support and check buff and rebuff when its needed and not only when u see some1 from ur party dies and need full rebuff ( and if u still have a lot of free time you can also check if ur party members miss some other classes buff like mental/resist shock etc and tell ur suports to rebuff it). Acu/ww/pdef/mdef most often lost buff in pvps vs IC/Banes thats need to be rebuffed asap to give more chances for ur party to survive. So if u concentrate on these tasks as WC ur party members will appreciate that more than hearing "oh fuk yeah i drained to death some box afk pleb". Also if after all these tasks thats need to be done you still will find free time and free mana to do some extras you can try Sleep/Fear (on puri only if u have menal epics coz it will decrease buff land rate to 60% after next patch). What i would add on this class in pvps maybe that u can trigger gf by using skills also not only by auto attacks, and yeah maybe give some lvls or power on aura sink skill coz its nice skill and i liked it when i was playing wc on H5 OL PVE: Fine if ur party aoeing (just dont spam all mana for debuff for one train xD) OL Oly: Same as wc this class more than fine inside oly, maybe what i would add there for this class is chance to get back mana by using skill dmg not only auto attacks as it is now. OL PVP: Same as wc you need to rebuff (mainly ww/acu/mdef/pdef) dont spend mana for other sh1t baff better use cp heal and if u are confident with ur deffensive stats and carrying some epics you can rush into enemies and spam some debuff just make sure which and when to use to not make it just waste of mp.
  6. well then after announcing that u can also put which side u are or you just a random that took hero with 10 macthes?
  7. JzOo

    Another dagger bug

    KYS.. I mean Close Topic nothing interesting here
  8. Hero list January 2021. Abyss Walker (Ghost Hunter) - Rizos [RS] Bishop (Cardinal) - Llitus[RS] Bladedancer (Spectral Dancer) - Haras [DF] Bounty Hunter (Fortune Seeker) - ? Dark Avenger (Hell Knight) - Silenter [WK] Destroyer (Titan) - Daahak [DF] Elemental Summoner (Elemental Master) - Analiesse [Neutral] Elven Elder (Eva's Saint) - Masha [RS] Gladiator (Duelist) - zhttty [WK] Hawkeye (Sagittarius) - Jlamepka [WK] Necromancer (Soultaker) - howboutdat [RS] Overlord (Dominator) - Kgr [RS] Paladin (Phoenix Knight) - jiutian [WK] Phantom Ranger (Ghost Sentinel) - AssistPR [DF] Phantom Summoner (Spectral Master) - Trashlord [RS] Plains Walker (Wind Rider) - Elmar [WK] Prophet (Hierophant) - Krystynka [RS] Shillien Elder (Shillien Saint) - xzp [RS] Shillien Knight (Shillien Templar) - Hellious Silver Ranger (Moonlight Sentinel) - IquiverI Sorceror (Archmage) - Spyro [DF] Spellhowler (Storm Screamer) - Corsario [WK] Spellsinger (Mystic Muse) - Flioki [DF] Sword Singer (Sword Muse) - TapToTown [RS] Temple Knight (Eva's Templar) - lPerseu [WK] Treasure Hunter (Adventurer) - ChenHaoNan [WK] Tyrant (Grand Khavatari) - Angerfist [RS] Warcryer (Doomcryer) - Laerel [RS] Warlock (Arcana Lord) - AntiFun Warlord (Dreadnought) - Warpole [RS] Warsmith (Maestro) - Darling RS - 12 heroes Wukong - 8 heroes DarkForce - 5 heroes Randoms - 3 heroes Neutral - 1 hero
  9. I will tell you why china so bad. China goes all in for 1 fight even tho they are more numbers coz in their logic pvp in equal terms doesnt exist. Thats why on last pvp i said to rizos we dont go pvp if we dont have full active party with active buffer coz this pizdabol though we can win them even w/o full party and we would get rekt on last fight if not getting rebuff vs 3 80 DAs. But the sad part is that after losing one fight they dont go rgrp fast and come back even tho all sides used most of the skills, they rather wait hour to get bress (at this point dunno why we even tried to tell san0 add this clan skill about exp if china still wont get up to ch or will bsoe in the middle of pvp), then they will again wait for full heroes skill and in the end will call more ppl to make even bigger zerg out of it.
  10. i have no idea what you just wrote here
  11. they stack all those crybabies wants to get free drops themself and even if u add drops on high spots mobs they will not go fight china to farm in their prime they will do on their primes as they can do now with DI but its better to just cry.
  12. well it was sarcasm at first place but if we take it seriously it would help other poopers buffers who still keep using drains instead of rebufing (coz who cares if ppl getting canceled b4 death logic), maybe they would use heal then instead of draining. For me i didnt had problem playing wc with skills he has but after making some test i see that domi is way better option than wc in most of pvp scenarios
  13. @San0 Since now every1 will ask some custom sh1ts to be added to every class, can you add chain heal on wc coz i think wc is a bit useless in now days pvps with puri song and so on