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  1. BizQQuiT


    I certainly PMed nabao when we thought at 13th the next day after farm was interupted and also most certainly did pm nabao when we've decided to greedly mark 2 of their castles as our own on prev siege. And we have radars, and we have spies inside your chains, and we have admin team on our side too. Just look at what serious decision they took when TFD were able to be owners of this gay castle due to siege bug. About talks between leaders during events; if you've never been in a cc leading position you can't know that comunicaiton between factions happens rarely on extreme disbalances. From what I remember... was soil and me squeezing Unique at Giran (he initaited btw, my master 😅). Then me and foxy squeezing soil to leave him w/o castle), then nabao with me squeezing blues. Just curious if anyone was chit chatting to squeeze perks also)...but oh no....HONOR !!! ( right master Soil ? ). ( still want link to that bar dance ) When N.Korea measures length of their rockets and talks dirty on phone, sometimes US chit-chat with China to presure Kim to chill dafuq down. And then US hits China's products with increased tarrifs and so on. It's natural way of how humans interact. So trying to bring a bad image to my forum avatar is useless, it's already red - hands in blood till elbows. PS: that guy yipman is naughty got some serious vpn there to access forum)
  2. BizQQuiT


    TFD theoretically also couldn't cast any other castles (current siege), same for SM and others but ya know sometimes server has bugs which we've been promised they'd be fixed by next siege.
  3. BizQQuiT

    CP LF DD melee 76++

    Recruiting: DD 76+ (melee) SE 76+ SWS 76+ 19:00 cest- 22:00 cest prime MAIL BizQQuiT or PM on Forum.
  4. BizQQuiT

    CP LF DD melee 76++

  5. BizQQuiT

    CP LF DD melee 76++

    Recruiting DD 76+ (melee) SE 76+ SWS 76+ 19:00 cest- 22:00 cest prime MAIL BizQQuiT or PM on Forum.
  6. BizQQuiT

    Event - Tigers Hunt!

  7. BizQQuiT

    reuse on consumables

    @San0 @Koll The only way this problem is solved is by not doing anything. People abuse them, they use about 20 bresses in big fights, same for beers. Adding delay to them, will only prolongue the cancer we have now and ultimately the impact on server income will be significant for months to come. I heard you changed some mechanics of nobless scrolls, which is again a mistake ( unless officially they are with delay too) because instead of a rich character to use 3-5kk adena in a pvp all you do is reduce his adena output. PS: ppl dont log pp's and use beers as buffs cuz they are that cheap, people don't log bishops to res and use bres on boxes cuz they are that cheap - these items will vanish in a month or maximum two by the normal laws of balance. PPS: no, pvp aren't bullshit now. They are longer, better, more entertaining. The outcome of who will win/lose drastically changed from what we had till now. Just last week I gave 3 commands " it's done, we won, finish it " and i was wrong all 3 times because bres prolongued the fight and we actually were on verge to lose. It's gorgeous from my POV.
  8. BizQQuiT

    CP LF DD melee 76++

    Recruiting DD 76+ melee
  9. BizQQuiT

    CP LF DD melee 76++

  10. BizQQuiT

    CP LF DD melee 76++

    Prime-Europe. Clan- Perkunas.
  11. BizQQuiT

    FightClub CP opening recruitment !!!!

    Looking for destro 76+ or tyrant 76+
  12. BizQQuiT

    FightClub CP opening recruitment !!!!

    I said killer , not stunner.