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  1. Попробуйте с другого браузера.
  2. price of items

    Expensive are parts of armor sets and ready-made weapons that are not sold in the store, weapons enchantment scrolls. Starting with D grade. The rest can also be sold on the market. But the price is 20-30% lower than the store. D grade Brigandine Helmet - 2-2,5kk Elven Mithril Gloves - 800-1,5kk C grade Etc...
  3. 2.0 update patch notes

    Due to the fact that sammoners did not have ss - they were very weak. Admins added new skills to the sammoners to provide little help to the players. To take them with them to the exp to the party. In order to be useful to the party. Also admins immediately explained that as soon as the Summoner will get ss, it all added skills will be deleted. Admins try all the time to maximize the server's settings to the classics. They change only what they think can be improved. The class of summoners was improved for fans of this class. Now it's time to update 2.0. Summoners are given ss and make them again as they should be.
  4. Нужен список с именами мобов, которых нужно изменить. С пометками как должно быть.
  5. the server is dead. lol.

    This is not done in the game settings.
  6. the server is dead. lol.

    Setting the visibility range of nicknames, I guess.
  7. Есть вопросы!!!

    Там написали, что 24 числа объявят точную дату апдейта. А, нет, объявят точное время. Это я неверно увидел.
  8. Обновите клиент игры апдейтером. Из патча удалите из папки "System" файл "Interface.xdat". Закиньте патч в клиент игры.
  9. Questions about CRs and CP from Castle

    Continue the discussion without going beyond the scope of this topic.
  10. Старт ОБТ 2.0.

    Не будет. Будет простой апдейт.
  11. Destroyer Frenzy

    You did not mention that the skill gives not only P.Atk. 46 lvl: Within 60 sec. P.Atk +11%, Atk.Spd +12%, Crt.Chance +11, Crt.Dmg +11%, Speed +11. When using a two-handed sword / two-handed blunt weapon / Polearm Weapon Accuracy +8, P.Atk +10%. Available with HP <60%. Total, with a two-handed sword, you will get 21% P.Atk.