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  1. Ryok

    Hero making service!

    "hero is very powerful thing" yes if u have at least 6 fingers (4 on 1 hand and 2 on the other) to use it... yes is powerful XD
  2. Ryok

    Music Thread

  4. Ryok

    Killing low level players

    nasty people
  5. Ryok

    Music Thread

  6. Ryok

    Music Thread

    can be a music too? hahahahaha
  7. Ryok

    Music Thread

  8. Ryok

    how to start

    did u find the way?
  9. Ryok


    giant fungus https://l2wiki.com/classic/Spellbook:_Anchor
  10. Ryok

    Disconnect after 1hour afk

    lost packets?
  11. Ryok

    Need help plz!

    fijate si escribes bien las ID's de las cuentas... y al juego? te deja entrar? o solo salta en la web el error?
  12. Ryok

    Need help plz!

    Pones el ID correcto? te dejo recuperar la contraseña por email?
  13. Ryok

    Never stop exploring!

    an army? or more?
  14. Ryok

    Drop after kill from RB and Epic RB

    players 1 IDIOTS 0