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  1. Ryok

    Augmentation System?

    to burn more adenas... cant start a poll....
  2. Ryok

    Music Thread

  3. Ryok

    Music Thread

  4. Ryok

    Music Thread

    always is good listen the music
  5. Ryok

    Music Thread

    the life... is not a game... ENJOY IT! have fun!
  6. Ryok

    WTS Tyrr 11

    i found it googling.... years..... ago..... lol XD
  7. Ryok


  8. Ryok

    Music Thread

    to much love girls hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhaahhahahahhaha
  9. Ryok

    Music Thread

    ............rly? im troll but not like this omg XD so... take care.... eyes are around.... be a good boys and good girls!!!!!!! and good morning XD
  10. Ryok

    WTS Tyrr 11

    u can use shop ingame with this tittle its the same
  11. Ryok

    some thinks...

  12. Ryok

    LF CP

    LF CLAN/CP get lost and stfu
  13. Ryok

    Hero skills changes suggestion - Poll

    go sleep kid 1vs1?
  14. Ryok

    LF CP

  15. Ryok

    You stop, you die!

    BUM + DUB