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  1. Ryok

    To Staff

    how many people got disturbed by "high" lvl chars? to leave the server?
  2. Ryok

    To Staff

  3. Ryok

    Moderator ABUSE

    GG? or GREAT FAIL?
  4. Ryok

    Moderator ABUSE

    seems a lot of these idiots have a many many personal problems.
  5. Ryok

    Moderator ABUSE

    Do you have problems Phoenix?
  6. Ryok

    Hola Que Tal?

    ya ves XD jo jo jo
  7. Ryok

    Music Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnMT_fswZZY To Everyone That Will Believe "With Us" ☝️❤️?????????
  8. Ryok

    Perkunas are looking for?

    @perkunas this is my server right now. everything is mine. u just are working for me.
  9. Ryok

    Perkunas are looking for?

    its private XD AHAHAHAHAHA and secret LOL