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  1. WTS/T Demon staff+10 for adena or Dwarven hammer++ plated leather set+6 + gloves+6
  2. Melee pull skills

    You can pull mobs with all chars.. just one does it better then other. equip bow and shoot away. Then you can make chook chooks.
  3. Melee pull skills

    omg. because mobs take aggro from shield skill doesnt mean its a pull skill.. you know you aggro a mob with allmost all skills? If i hit the mob he will follow > normal hit = pullskill? hahahaha
  4. Melee pull skills

    Shield strike as a pull skill? Then you can call any skill that takes aggro haha. Just the aggresion skills from tank and lure from dagger.
  5. Bw heavy set +4 / pl set +6 /

    wtt your bw +4 set for my doom heavy+4?
  6. Premium account

    buy a laptop and get 2 premium = 4box also easier micromanagement with 2nd keyboard x'P
  7. WTS Doom heavy+4 / Zubei robe / bo

  8. WTS Doom heavy+4 / Zubei robe / bo

  9. Never played L2, need advice.

    I like the part of max lvl in a couple of days xP
  10. WTS

    price aq? pm me please.
  11. WTB Con dye <con+2str-2>

    As title says Im looking for CON dyes. Greater Dye of con < con+2 str-2 > Pm or reply here.
  12. why im i adenaless?

    Pm craftosaurus ingame, I can help you out a lil.
  13. why im i adenaless?

    Returning player to this server? Because only the first character on a account benefits of all the lowbie stuff. Then you get free no grade weapon for example with a ticket. Read more here:
  14. wtb queen ant ring

    wtb queen ant ring pm me price
  15. wts queen ant ring