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Found 72 results

  1. SCOB

    WTS 4 lvl clan

    WTS 4 lvl clan, 2000 rep.points + skills: Clan Clarity lvl1 Clan Might lvl1 Clan M.Def lvl1 Clan WW lvl2 Clan Fortune lvl3 All questions in private messages pls
  2. Hello, WTS Eminence +13 WTS Eminence +12 WTS Eminence +8 WTS Demon's Staff +12 Feoh lv13 WTS Demon's Staff +10 Feoh lv12 WTS Homunkulus' Sword +12 Iss lv10 WTS Great Pata +8 WTS Great Pata +9 WTS FP Armor Set +6 WTS PL Armor Set +6 Mail here or in game "ZOSE
  3. Naiguel


    WTS Doom light set Eminence +1 WTB: Bel Cestus// BW light set. I can trade Doon light set + some adena for BW light set
  4. [WTS] Want to sell. - Bellion Cestus - Damascus - Bow of peril - Deadman's Glory - Art of Battle Axe - Demon's dagger - Staff of evil spirit +3 - Staff of life+11 - Blue wolf heavy set - Blue wolf robe set - Doom heavy set - Black ore jewel set - Blue wolf tunic +6 - Blue wolf boots+6 - Blue wolf light main+6 [WTB] Want to buy. -Yaksa mace +13/14 -Wynn 13
  5. JaNkaR

    WTS Dual SLS +5

    WTS SLS*SLS +5 pm/mail "JaNkaR in game, thanks.
  6. Duvs

    WTS/WTT BW Roba set

    WTS BW Roba set 30kk wtt bw roba set = doom heavy set mail in game Makkler
  7. Hello , I sell this list of items: RUNES Tyrr's Rune - Lv. 10 Iss' Rune - Lv. 6 BOOKS Spellbook: Clear Mind Spellbook: Hide Spellbook: Cancel Spellbook: Benediction Spellbook: Broad Sweep Spellbook: Greater Might Spellbook: Mystic Immunity Spellbook: Sleeping Cloud Spellbook: Summon Binding Cubic Amulet: Chant of Fury Amulet: Pa'agrio's Honor Amulet: Ritual of Life RECIPES Recipe: Zubei's Helmet (60%) Recipe: Avadon Circlet (60%) "Pai
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~ WTB (Buy) (Покупаю) Orcish poleaxe - pm\mail GogenzolernUP ~~~~~~~~~~~ WTS (Sell) (Продаю) Ghoul's Staff - 19kk [/target FunnySunny] Spellbooks - not aviable at the momment [FARMING] ~~~~~~~~~~~ WTT (Trade) (Меняю) Ghoul's Staff for Orcish poleaxe - pm\mail GogenzolernUP ~~~~~~~~~~~ Pm me here or pm\mail me in game [MrBlacksmith;MaJIuIIIka]; Пм здесь или пм\почта в игре [MrBlacksmith;MaJIuIIIka]; ~~~ONLINE~~~ P.S. The underlined nickname = character online! Подчеркнутый ник = персонаж онлайн!
  9. GniTs

    YeahRighT Store

    WTS BOP +6 Sealed Runes Bellion Cestus Great Sword Kris Any B grade rec/part (weap and armor) WTB ... WTT BOP +6 and adenas or itens for BOP+7++
  10. BoogeyMan

    SLS +7?

    WTT to 1 hand blunt or sell sls sword +7 + othel lvl1 for adena. waiting for offers
  11. WTS > dual SLS*SLS+8 or WTT for SLSword+12+ WTB > SLSword+12+ Mail or PM in game "Jackals
  12. jas58


    WTS: -Dark Elven Long Bow (B), cheap -BW Boots -sigel rune lvl 2 (cheap) -aeore rune lvl 1 (cheap) -PL Boots WTB: -SB: Stigma of Shillien -Recipes SSB/BSSC message me on forum or pm/send mail to "unpuntable or "jayWalker, ty
  13. WTS: SB Tempest, cdl, aura flash, price - mail SayreX Giran harbor trade //target SayreX
  14. BW heavy set +3 BW Heavy set clean BW Robe set clean Lance +3 PL set +3 Doom light set clean raid sword*raid sword+4 FP set Divine set C grade garbage for crystals B grade garbage for crystals Send me offers.
  15. Ano


    WTS emi + 7 , sls*sls +0 WTB EMI +8/9 Mail or PM "Ano
  16. Chest


    !WTT > emi+16 , looking for normal offers !WTB > demon dagger+9+10+ !WTB > drake set(withgloves)+6++ FPhelmet+7+ !WTB > QueenAnt 3lv. Mail ingame Jackals, or PM if im online
  17. Humble

    Humble's Trade Shop

    Hello club community and welcome to my humble shop. In this thread I will try and settle all my trading needs :). Currently I would like to sell of these items: - Yaksa mace+8 - Yaksa mace+9 - Dual shamshir (2) - Dual katana (out of stock)* - Dual caliburs -Spiritstaff -Zubei robe and light parts upper/lower boots & gloves -Spellbooks: currently allot in stock pm for info _________________________________ I would like to buy the following items: - Yaksa mace +/11/12 - Black ore Ring/Earring Recipe and parts. -xp/sp buff scrolls -Recipe : Eminence bow
  18. Kupo

    WTS DeadMans Glory

    WTS DeadMans Glory +4 110kk Sold.
  19. WTS Blue Wolf Robe set full +3. Pm me here on send mail with offers to PrivPP
  20. i need Dwarven Hammer( Top C blunt ) or Berserker Blade +7 , if someone can wtt for emi+7 mail me on this nicknames : i6a6ywka,RedOwl,Desorato thnx a lot and have fun
  21. isradi


  22. Naiguel


    WTB fp set +6 WTS Blue Wolf heavy set WTS DUALS SLS*SLS. Pm here in fórum. ty
  23. WTS Rec:Deadman Glory - 2.5kk WTS Scythe - 1,6kk WTS POB - 33k WTS - ORI.ORE . ASOFE . THONS . ANIMAL SKIN PM forum and game nick hardcorecat