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Found 72 results

  1. SCOB

    WTS 5 lvl clan

    WTS 5 lvl clan, 5000 rep.points + skills: Clan Body lvl2 Clan Soul lvl1 Clan Regen lvl2 Clan Morale lvl1 Clan Clarity lvl2 Clan Might lvl3 Clan Shield lvl2 Clan Emp lvl1 Clan M.Def lvl2 Clan Agility lvl1 Clan WW lvl2 Clan Fortune lvl3 All questions here.
  2. Hello, WTS Eminence +13 WTS Eminence +12 WTS Eminence +8 WTS Demon's Staff +12 Feoh lv13 WTS Demon's Staff +10 Feoh lv12 WTS Homunkulus' Sword +12 Iss lv10 WTS Great Pata +8 WTS Great Pata +9 WTS FP Armor Set +6 WTS PL Armor Set +6 Mail here or in game "ZOSE
  3. Naiguel


    WTS Doom light set Eminence +1 WTB: Bel Cestus// BW light set. I can trade Doon light set + some adena for BW light set
  4. [WTS] Want to sell. - Bellion Cestus - Damascus - Bow of peril - Deadman's Glory - Art of Battle Axe - Demon's dagger - Staff of evil spirit +3 - Staff of life+11 - Blue wolf heavy set - Blue wolf robe set - Doom heavy set - Black ore jewel set - Blue wolf tunic +6 - Blue wolf boots+6 - Blue wolf light main+6 [WTB] Want to buy. -Yaksa mace +13/14 -Wynn 13
  5. JaNkaR

    WTS Dual SLS +5

    WTS SLS*SLS +5 pm/mail "JaNkaR in game, thanks.
  6. Duvs

    WTS/WTT BW Roba set

    WTS BW Roba set 30kk wtt bw roba set = doom heavy set mail in game Makkler
  7. Hello , I sell this list of items: RUNES Tyrr's Rune - Lv. 10 Iss' Rune - Lv. 6 BOOKS Spellbook: Clear Mind Spellbook: Hide Spellbook: Cancel Spellbook: Benediction Spellbook: Broad Sweep Spellbook: Greater Might Spellbook: Mystic Immunity Spellbook: Sleeping Cloud Spellbook: Summon Binding Cubic Amulet: Chant of Fury Amulet: Pa'agrio's Honor Amulet: Ritual of Life RECIPES Recipe: Zubei's Helmet (60%) Recipe: Avadon Circlet (60%) "Pai
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~ WTB (Buy) (Покупаю) Orcish poleaxe - pm\mail GogenzolernUP ~~~~~~~~~~~ WTS (Sell) (Продаю) Ghoul's Staff - 19kk [/target FunnySunny] Spellbooks - not aviable at the momment [FARMING] ~~~~~~~~~~~ WTT (Trade) (Меняю) Ghoul's Staff for Orcish poleaxe - pm\mail GogenzolernUP ~~~~~~~~~~~ Pm me here or pm\mail me in game [MrBlacksmith;MaJIuIIIka]; Пм здесь или пм\почта в игре [MrBlacksmith;MaJIuIIIka]; ~~~ONLINE~~~ P.S. The underlined nickname = character online! Подчеркнутый ник = персонаж онлайн!
  9. GniTs

    YeahRighT Store

    WTS BOP +6 Sealed Runes Bellion Cestus Great Sword Kris Any B grade rec/part (weap and armor) WTB ... WTT BOP +6 and adenas or itens for BOP+7++
  10. BoogeyMan

    SLS +7?

    WTT to 1 hand blunt or sell sls sword +7 + othel lvl1 for adena. waiting for offers
  11. WTS > dual SLS*SLS+8 or WTT for SLSword+12+ WTB > SLSword+12+ Mail or PM in game "Jackals
  12. jas58


    WTS: -Dark Elven Long Bow (B), cheap -BW Boots -sigel rune lvl 2 (cheap) -aeore rune lvl 1 (cheap) -PL Boots WTB: -SB: Stigma of Shillien -Recipes SSB/BSSC message me on forum or pm/send mail to "unpuntable or "jayWalker, ty
  13. WTS: SB Tempest, cdl, aura flash, price - mail SayreX Giran harbor trade //target SayreX
  14. BW heavy set +3 BW Heavy set clean BW Robe set clean Lance +3 PL set +3 Doom light set clean raid sword*raid sword+4 FP set Divine set C grade garbage for crystals B grade garbage for crystals Send me offers.
  15. Ano


    WTS emi + 7 , sls*sls +0 WTB EMI +8/9 Mail or PM "Ano
  16. Chest


    !WTT > emi+16 , looking for normal offers !WTB > demon dagger+9+10+ !WTB > drake set(withgloves)+6++ FPhelmet+7+ !WTB > QueenAnt 3lv. Mail ingame Jackals, or PM if im online
  17. Humble

    Humble's Trade Shop

    Hello club community and welcome to my humble shop. In this thread I will try and settle all my trading needs :). Currently I would like to sell of these items: - Yaksa mace+8 - Yaksa mace+9 - Dual shamshir (2) - Dual katana (out of stock)* - Dual caliburs -Spiritstaff -Zubei robe and light parts upper/lower boots & gloves -Spellbooks: currently allot in stock pm for info _________________________________ I would like to buy the following items: - Yaksa mace +/11/12 - Black ore Ring/Earring Recipe and parts. -xp/sp buff scrolls -Recipe : Eminence bow
  18. Kupo

    WTS DeadMans Glory

    WTS DeadMans Glory +4 110kk Sold.
  19. WTS Blue Wolf Robe set full +3. Pm me here on send mail with offers to PrivPP
  20. i need Dwarven Hammer( Top C blunt ) or Berserker Blade +7 , if someone can wtt for emi+7 mail me on this nicknames : i6a6ywka,RedOwl,Desorato thnx a lot and have fun
  21. isradi


  22. Naiguel


    WTB fp set +6 WTS Blue Wolf heavy set WTS DUALS SLS*SLS. Pm here in fórum. ty
  23. WTS Rec:Deadman Glory - 2.5kk WTS Scythe - 1,6kk WTS POB - 33k WTS - ORI.ORE . ASOFE . THONS . ANIMAL SKIN PM forum and game nick hardcorecat