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  1. Afrody Some PvP in ABG and LOA

    i only use more cancel/frost and ice dagger in pvp vs TERRORISTE clan , Because they are between 65/71, so my debuffs take the times, against the others that are 73+ I use less because they do not get the debuff, and the damage is not so high , but thx for the tip
  2. Afrody SpellSinger [CP BloodBrothers]

    I only have 1 symphone so far, it's better to use it after taking out the opponent's cp, because if I use the symphone on the opponent with full CP / HP full hardly going to kill, so I think it's better to use a Hydro blast with Solar flare before Use a Symphone , i think is better
  3. Afrody SpellSinger [BloodBrothers] [PvP]

    i will try make more info about the parties , when we go 9x9 again , but thx
  4. Afrody SpellSinger [BloodBrothers] [PvP]

    y , but i'm still lvl 66 , Do not pick ice dagger for now on almost anyone , But I will try to rush the level to improve my gameplay a bit
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    ‚Äčit also increases P.def , little more help
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