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  1. did u see how many blue msgs appear to me, my mana, DDs dead, archers logged in behind and mobs there ? hahaha this fight we were like "ok they have 3 pts lets just have fun"
  2. woow, this one is special to me. They had ~25 and some archers logged in behind us, we were 9 + EE out of pt + Dajtovillage ( using a cloak of invisibility[?]) hue Bishop point of view of this fight at 9:01 ?
  3. Awesome idea !! I have some videos on my mind till now the fight at 4:40 against 2 CPs on 1.0 client another 1.0 pvp video
  4. rutra


  5. nice 5:37min too haha
  6. i wouldn't say destroy, but i agree with u, he did it to fast. (~23mins pvp) it's not my video, u can put 0.5 speed and choose another song, hue
  7. video made by Kiam edit: video without gm speed
  8. rutra


    hahaha this day was one of the worst as bishop that pride...
  9. its free on Giran Harbor
  10. rutra

    LF CP

    we are a global server, u should put more info gl!