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Found 54 results

  1. gukiz

    Eu mage cp

    Hello all, EU int mage cp looking for new players ( GMT +3 19:00 - 23:00 ): * Active players Can provide characters to play with or can join with yours. English language is a must ! Pm in game PrivPP or discord GukiZ#0689
  2. Hi all! I hope this topic will be useful. Is there a chance that Bracelet lvling system would be reconsidered again ? - Natural limit for 28 coins per day max. Points: - It is good for casual players but there is no extra reward for players aiming to high end game. - Good level players are struggling to play and join server to bring new fresh big war game. They feel the unnecessary barrier to farm knowing they are in disadvantage. - You did well for start players. Which is good for casual players and useless for more advanced. Low level bracelet limitations: - Ability to farm better in PvE( no extra p/m atk.). - Olympiad - a person with ability to hold more talismans win. - High-end pvp ( evasion talisman, baium, FI talisman, olympaid talietc.) P.S. You added extra bracelet in game which gives nice boosters but might not be worn due to slot limitations. As 4% from White talisman is essential. Solutions: Either of those. - Additional quest which just gives Daily Coins as a reward - New bracelets embedded in client which can be bought for L-coins. -Mobs with Daily Coins rare chance drop (like you changed for Proof of Blood) I guess this should be also considered in anticipation of the update where "Meta" is changed and new popular classes might appear again. Thank you.
  3. Archer party LF Members 70+ PVE/PVP/RBs Clan Virals (International) We are forming an Archer group to our international clan Virals. We have almost all chars needed but we prefer active players, so the reason of this post. Most active times GMT+2 19:00
  4. Mail Mekans and join the Dark side of the Force
  5. As the Poll says. I just want to know what people think of this. As a "kinda" new player i feel like lvling by doing 20 minutes FOM - ABG and Forsaken Plains raids is already a big boost for every new player that wants to join the server. Thats why i think having high lvl bosses such as SV or Priest, Decar, Ipos with flag mode once you get closer to it or hit it wouldn't be that harmful for the server overall. This would make these raids way more entertaining for the big sides that farm them and also stop this 300 randoms CC hitting a raid which they have not even fight for once. Just wanna know what server thinks, this is my opinion and i think it would make it much more fun having people organizing for it, other than just making randoms CCs and Parties to go leech XP off partys that actually have the resources to farm them.
  6. GniTs

    Sup folks

    I missed ya'll ❤️ Club is the best server!
  7. GniTs

    OVER 9000!!!!

    I've seen tons of bad videos over here, so I tought that I could contribuite with another one. Have fun ?
  8. MoDoy

    Heroes domination

    eventho not all of those clips are that good (neither best video quality, 1080 my ass ), @Rizos said to me to make short movie since i am not going to get more frapses this month anyway, so here are some frapses from last 1-2 weeks. (there is never too many dagger videos, so would be pity to just delete those frapses) enjoy
  9. what rune is good for a dagger in pvp?
  10. Just to introduce ourselves here in the forum ! =D
  11. Hi, What Dyes use BD in PVP? Actually I use full CON. Ty for all <3
  12. some random pvp from today
  13. Hello guys I am looking for some help on how I play necromancer . can someone please tell me the basic dyes I should have on for patch 2 and also what kind of things I should macro together for pvp. The server is 3x So it will be while I get to A grade. I want to play the class to the best of my ablity and have fun pvping at b grade. any Informantion would be usefull, thanks.
  14. Hello, as the title says i would like to know your opinion on the way the CP potions work in Lineage 2. In my opinion their existance simply comes to spamming that one extra button while doing PVP. Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions.
  15. Hello community, My names Dave and Im looking for a new set of friends I can hangout with. I stopped this server last year because my friends left :(. But I decided to return because I love this game even when going solo. A little about Deibu: started playing lineage on c2 private server. Played allot of highrate because of the pvp. My base playstyle is solo so you can imagine me having a hard time here xP. And thus Im looking for a clan that will have me. I come with 2 lvl 60++ chars. Dagger and Se. I have a microphone and Im not afraid to use it. Likes forum and communication, might even make some pvp footage eventually. Playtimes: very random im afraid.. I work in shifts at work. So for example its impossible for me to be online every friday 8am. So a cp is a little hard for me. And thus looking for a clan with allot of activity all around so I can make partys when Im online. Im from the Netherlands living in GMT+1, english speaking. Anything else you would like to know hit me up here or ingame. O/ Deibu Walker of plains